Intelligent Americans Are Thrilled To Hear a Former Insider Telling the Truth

Intelligent Americans rarely know the details of the Big Lies and  Total Corruption at the top of the U.S. They don’t have experience at the Top or the vast time it takes to study what is happening at the top to see the truth.

But most of them  have a general sense of the awful Big Lies and Corruption of all forms at the top of our society.

They know that the people at the top never dare to tell these awful truths about their secret world of Lies and Corruption. The few who have tried to tell the truth have been cast into the Lower Depths or suffered terrible accidents of some form. Even people outside the System, like Wikileak’s Assange, who expose the documents of our rulers to the public get treated as criminals or traitors.

Donald Trump is now broadcasting these awful truths about the U.S. at the top where he has been a total insider until now. He doesn’t dare use any of the vast troves of documents officially filed as  secrets to hide the truth from the public. But he tells the the big truths more broadly to avoid going to prison or worse, such as telling people how totally the top politicians are owned by their corporate “Contributors,” as their extortions are called euphemistically. lew

That has aroused great excitement  among intelligent Americans across the whole political spectrum, from the communist-socialists to the welfare-statists to the Christians, Constitutional  libertarians and anarchists.

This is the heart of the Trump Political Movement.

We disagree with him about many particular issues in this vastly complex world, but we HOPE he can show every one the awful truths from the inside about this TOTALLY CORRUPT SYSTEM and help to bring it to an end and return us to a world of truth and basic decency and sane, effective actions at the top.

The Big Media people know this, but they are at the top and know that telling these truths about Trump’s truth telling about  the System is forbidden in the Big Media. They pretend they do not know why there is this explosive, big, passionate Political Movement for Trump across the political spectrum.

The vastly rich and powerful people at the top are trying desperately to stop Trump before the truths about them destroy the foundations of their their totally corrupt System.

I  myself never  had much  interest in Trump before he started running for president on a vast program of truth telling because he was obviously one of the corrupt people at the top who had to keep his mouth shut and “pay to play”–support the corrupt pols of all stripes even with big payoffs called “contributions.” When Trump started telling the truth about the ghastly Lies and Corruption at the top I  thought it was another corrupt ploy, a partial exposure of truths to scare his enemies. But he kept telling the truth more and more and fighting back when their goons went after him and even attacked him on stage in Ohio.

I have no idea how long he can follow this perilous path of truth telling or whether he will finally have an awful accident or flea before they get him.

But I know that only the truth can once again free Americans from an awful top-down tyranny that is destroying our nation. IF the people come to know the truth. they can once again become free.

Human life is miserable and short-lived without the truth and freedom to get the truth. I hope Trump can continue to open the dark world of the U.S. at the top and expose the awful truths to the people, so they can become free once again.