Brexit: Left and Right Unite to Eject the Green EU from Britain

An astonishing thing just happened in Britain. UKIP leader Nigel Farage, a strong supporter of US Tea Party Politics, invited the radical left-wing politician George Galloway to be his surprise guest speaker.

Their common cause: Liberate Britain from the unelected soviet style apparatchiks who run the European Union.

… On Friday I surprised, perhaps even stunned, some of my long term supporters by introducing a surprise guest: George Galloway.

On a whole host of political issues George and I are diametrically opposed. We could not have a cosy chat over coffee about Israel, economic policy or a host of other issues. But sometimes in life an issue comes along that is bigger than anything else and traditional opponents become allies.

Churchill despised Uncle Joe Stalin as much if not more than he did the German corporal. But they joined together to defeat a common enemy. It is that same understanding that George and some in GO have today.

We believe in our country and that it should be run by our own people through the ballot box.

We will all fight side by side to win this referendum and then to get back to opposing each other.

It’s called democracy. It’s worth fighting for. Come and help us.

Galloway champions green causes. Farage once asked Lord Monckton to be UKIP’s climate spokesman.

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