The Plight of the Modern Rebel

This past Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. a Southern man who goes by the moniker “Saint Negro” tweeted, “We are doing the same thing Rosa Parks did,” under a fake Twitter account called @Ammon_Bundy. Ammon is obviously the son of rancher Cliven Bundy and he’s in Oregon right now fighting for his fellow ranchers the Hammonds, who are back in prison for daring to preserve their land. It’s an inspiring act of civil disobedience torn right out of the Constitution, but the media class doesn’t like it because the Hammonds are white. We want occupations to be done by cool black guys or American Indians. When a young Eric Holder took over an ROTC building with other armed black dudes in 1970, he wasn’t arrested. He became the attorney general and devoted his career to brainwashing the rest of us into giving up our guns. In 1969, a group of American Indians calling itself IOAT (Indians of All Tribes) took over Alcatraz and everyone thought it was totally badass. In both cases, the takeovers were about some loosely articulated idea of injustice. They weren’t very well organized and the Alcatraz occupation was plagued with drugged-out hippies and even the fatal accident of a child. So what? It fit the anti-patriarchy narrative.

The mainstream media, Northerners, students, Madison Wisconsinites, Californians, gays, visible minorities, most women, and liberals in general love sticking it to the man if the rebels don’t look like my dad. This is because modern rebellion has little to do with justice or “the people.” It’s about screaming, “Fuck you, Dad!” and slamming the door to your room. Where Ferguson protesters were provided a “space” to riot even though the guy they were screaming about never had his hands up, the ranchers were called #YallQaeda and #VanillaISIS. Montel Williams suggested the National Guard go in there and “shoot to kill.” The justification being, we attacked black protesters so why not do the same to white ones? Uh, the black protesters were rioters who were burning down their communities based on a rumor. They smashed store windows for a free can of Pringles and some paper towels. Michael Brown didn’t have his hands up. The Hammonds were oppressed by the government, as is just about every rancher and farmer in this country. The EPA regularly bankrupts rural Americans with insane fines for building a pond or draining a marsh. Nobody has done more for environmentalism than hunters because they have an incentive to preserve it, but the government is convinced the free market will bring us all to the verge of extinction.

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