LRC's Top 10 Articles for 2015

1. I Will Never Vaccinate My Child

Bill Sardi explains the plain and awful facts.
2. Who Really Won World War II?
Eric Margolis has the un-PC answer.
3. The Real Reason for Flag Hysteria
To distract us from the schemes and crimes of the regime, says Tom DiLorenzo.
4. Christians Can Opt Out of ObamaCare
This outrages lefties. Tough, says Gary North.
5. Every Mass Shooting Has One Thing in Common
And it’s not the weapons, says Dan Roberts.
6. Civil Unrest Ahead
Are you ready? Article by Ron Paul.
7. More Dangerous Than Measles
Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, on the MMR vaccine.
8. Sen. Tokyo Rose (R-AZ)
Ron Unz on the real wartime record of John McCain.
9. Was 1861 a Civil War?
Was the cause slavery? Time for truth, says Walter Williams.
10. Dr. Putin Has a Good Diagnosis
Time to take his advice, says Patrick J. Buchanan.

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