You're Not Owed Asylum

The news finally can’t help the German government cover up the mass sexual assault of German women by “immigrants” anymore. Now the news states that Finland was tipped off that there was actually a conspiracy sent out by tweets and texts to do it there and they caught three of them in the act over there. What’s right is right, so with my usual candor, something needs to be said about this.

First, about refugees and immigrants. You know what, guys? Nobody owes you asylum, got that? It is basically an act of mercy and compassion, since you are coming from a nation that is oppressing you or threatening your life. Now, keeping that in mind, what does that mean? It means you do NOT oppress the people in the country that took you in! Pardon me, but why does this need to be said?! I don’t give a hoot what your religion or culture is. If your religion or culture approves of this sort of thing, then it is not a religion or culture that is worth importing into a country that probably has enough problems of its own to deal with. If your religion or culture does not approve of this, then why were several hundred of you involved in this? Hmmm? Care to answer that question? And why do the apologists only come out AFTER the attack? “That wasn’t us, don’t persecute us for that! I hope this doesn’t make us all look bad!” Then where the heck were you whiners when this was going on?! This isn’t about YOU! This is about the women that were victimized! Where is the grand apology for them? You guys need to stop the after-the-fact damage control and start wading into your countrymen and kicking their keesters if you’re worried about their behavior derailing the gravy train.

See, I can’t believe this all went on and none of you were aware of it. People that do this kind of thing probably took selfies of themselves doing it and videotaped it. Then brag about it. So where are the people coming forward to the authorities with the identities of these jokers? Hmmm? Care to answer that question? See, I’m not just singling out refugees and immigrants here, because this same thing happens at Spring Breakdown in Florida, too. And the police caught some of the guys from video taken on cell phones. Meaning people stood around and WATCHED as a woman or women were sexually assaulted. So, ok refugees, that’s how I know someone among you knows who was doing this. So, ball’s in your court. Besides whining, what do you plan to DO to make this right?

I’m sick and tired of all the whining that comes out when things like this happen. “Don’t single us out, don’t target us, it’s not our fault…” Fine. Then DO something besides whine about it. I mean, what, did you become a refugee because there was a death sentence on your head for doing this same thing where you came from? Or is this just a case of raping the hand that feeds you? I don’t get it. People take you in, feed you, house you, clothe you, provide free medical care, and so the way to repay this is raping their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters? I don’t know of any culture where this is acceptable. It probably wasn’t in your own. But now you’re in this new country, I suppose you think your own cultural values no longer apply. Since you like to brag, tell us what happens in your country when you sexually assault someone’s mother? Right. It touches off a clan war that goes on for generations, unless the government steps in and offs the culprit themselves. Well, you know what? I don’t think people have time to figure out what’s going on. Maybe it’s time to say if you cannot behave properly as a GUEST, then you cannot come into the house.

Number One, first and foremost, you guys. Pay attention here. If you cannot respect the women in a country you are coming into, then you should not be allowed into that country. Period. I don’t care how it’s done in your country. You’re not in that country. If you come into a country and start committing crimes, then I’m not buying this poor, woeful waif story anymore. So, don’t whine when people decide to start keeping you out of their countries. You want a new life in another country? Then EARN IT. You are not owed it. And if you break the law, you should be deported right back to the country you came from, even if their secret police is waiting for you on the tarmac with a pair of vise-grips and jumper cables in their hands. Not our problem. YOUR problem.

There. I said it. Nobody is OWED a new life in another country. It is EARNED.