Walking Out of Syria 'Would Give Every Neocon a Heart Attack'

The best strategy the United States could pursue in Syria might well involve pulling the plug on the whole operation, although walking out of there “would give every neocon a heart attack,” former Republican congressman Ron Paul asserted in the latest Liberty Report.

Paul’s argument is simple:

Syria “is so messy, [the US strategy] isn’t working. Why don’t we wise up? Why don’t we leave before it gets much worse? Let somebody else get bogged down. Besides, it’s costly and we are not getting any benefits from this,” Paul observed.

The American politician, who ran for president three times, blamed Barack Obama for what is happening in Syria. Obama “is certainly responsible for a lot of the mess in” the war-torn country.

The comments come following John Kerry’s visit to Moscow, which, some say, marked a dramatic shift in Washington’s strategy on Syria. The Obama administration appears to have backtracked on its longstanding position that political process could only start once Assad lives office and no longer insists that the Syrian president “must go.”

If the Obama administration is truly supporting the stance that Assad can stay, then “that means that for the past four years all of the destruction, all of the death, broken families, sorrow, grieving – it’s all really been for nothing. We are going to go back to square one. It just shows the insane folly of interventionism,” Daniel McAdams noted.

Paul and McAdams, who serves as the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, pointed out that it could have been a “tactical retreat” on the part of the Obama administration, not a permanent shift.

“Perhaps, I’m a little cynical but I don’t believe that the US foreign policy would change on a dime. [Kerry] traveled [to Moscow] with Victoria Nuland and Celeste Wallander, who are two extremely anti-Russian personalities. The Ambassador [John] Tefft is still very strongly anti-Russian,” McAdams detailed.

Reprinted from Sputnik News.