White Student Union Releases Demands On Behalf Of ‘[email protected]’ Students

The so-called “White Student Union” created at the University of California, Santa Barbara has released a list of demands parodying the aggressive demands made by Black Lives Matter activists around the country.

Although it identifies itself with UCSB, the school’s White Student Union currently only exists as a Facebook page, and is not a school-recognized organization. In fact, it’s not even certain the group was created by a current UCSB student, or that it’s a genuine “group” rather than the work of one person.

Despite its lack of any official (or even physical) presence, on Tuesday night the group released a list of demands for UCSB administrators, which appear to serve as a humorous parody of the demands made by black activists at the University of Missouri, Princeton University, and elsewhere.

“We, students of [email protected] descent at UCSB, refuse to accept the negative social climate created towards our peers of [email protected] descent and other marginalized groups,” the demands open. “We have begun this movement, UCSB White Student Union, in an effort to change the status quo for a more just and inclusive environment within our campus.”

The use of the “[email protected]” label appears to be mocking the “[email protected]” label preferred by some Hispanic activists who want to avoid the gendered nature of using “Latino” or “Latina.”

Other demands from the list include:

-Creating four “white-student only rooms” to serve as safe-space housing for “[email protected]” students. The new safe space is to be dubbed the “Hernan Cortes housing commons.”

-Creating a resource center for white students, complete with safe space, dubbed the “Napoleon Bonaparte Resource Center.”

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