Presidential Lies from Obama’s Sunday Antigun Sermon

In true Orwellian doublespeak fashion, President Obama delivered a speech to the American people on Sunday night waging war on multiple fronts in the aftermath of the tragic San Bernardino shooting last Wednesday at a holiday party for county health workers that left fourteen dead and more than twice that number wounded. After taking undeserved credit for all his fake efforts at fighting ISIS, Obama then once again opportunistically rammed his gun control bandwagon down our throats to exploit America’s most deadly killing spree since Sandy Hook as a brazen ploy to finally gain some antigun momentum.

Obama’s surface message focused on his OCD need for gun control, vowing to protect America from domestic terrorists by legislating gun control laws to remove them from “bad” Americans committed to killing good Americans. It’s worth noting that two family attorneys of the alleged terrorist couple seriously believe that the two suspects could have been framed and used as patsies in yet another false flag. US state sponsored false flag terrorism has been evident in numerous previous staged events like Charleston, Chattanooga,Boston, and Sandy Hook, Obama’s true intent based on his plain-to-see covert actions is to wage war against law-abiding US citizens who believe in the Constitution and Second Amendment right to own guns as well as wage global war against rivals Russia and China in order to maintain US Empire hegemony at all cost. Yet on Obama’s watch he helped Against the State: An ... Rockwell Jr., Llewelly... Best Price: $5.02 Buy New $5.52 (as of 11:35 EST - Details) militarize law enforcement to rampantly abuse its own citizens to squash the Occupy movement and First Amendment rights and murder unarmed Americans in unprecedented numbers 70 times that of the next Western nation. And while Obama says he’s still “hunting down” the terrorists, in fact he is expending more efforts hunting down decent Americans than the brutal terrorists he is still secretly supporting.

Referring to the husband and wife shooters in San Bernardino, Obama stated:

But it is clear that the two of them had gone down the dark path of radicalization, embracing a perverted interpretation of Islam that calls for war against America and the West.

What’s also clear is that brand of extremist Islam promulgated by Obama’s ally Saudi Arabia was Obama’s favorite brand of terrorism in 2012 when he placed full tax paid support behind the Islamic State terrorists pledging to go after Syria’s Assad for yet another US regime change. So in effect, what’s clear is Obama created the Frankenstein monster that the alleged two terrorists in San Bernardino apparently turned into. Obama claimed on Sunday that he wants to protect us, but his open borders policy has left America extremely vulnerable and unprotected. His record clearly shows that Obama is far more interested in grabbing guns from law abiding citizens than protecting citizens from terrorist attacks.

Obama’s own Attorney General Loretta Lynch just threatened to imprison any Americans daring to badmouth or otherwise criticize Muslims. When the one public servant given the highest legal authority to ensure that US laws are upheld forsakes First Amendment rights of free speech, deep state America’s in deep shit trouble. Besides his Justice Department, Obama’s politically correct, thought policing Nazis are spread across college campuses today militantly preaching their polarizing bigoted dogma against free speech in the name of tolerance and sensitivity. We’re reaching the end when the once land of the free has become the land of the PC enslaved. It seems everything these days is reversed from the way it should be. The world’s once “good guy” nation America turns out now to be earth’s public enemy number one. And yesteryear’s “bad guys” – those Soviet Communists – turn out now to have the one leader on the world stage who makes the most sense honestly vowing to fight terrorism and the New World Order. Fire Tablet with Alexa... Best Price: $25.56 (as of 08:20 EST - Details)

Within a week after Obama’s Secretary of Defense Carter went on a rampage threatening Russia as America’s biggest enemy while minimizing the ISIS threat punctuated a few hours later with that strange LA missile launch, Islamic State terrorists murdered 130 people in Paris. Similarly, no sooner was Obama reassuring America on Thanksgiving that there was no imminent threat of any terrorist attacks on American soil, the FBI has now confirmed that Islamic State supporters allegedly committed terrorism killing 14 Americans in San Bernardino. Clearly there’s a pattern here. In light of suspected terrorist Tashfeen Malik’s Facebook alleged posts praising ISIS, we know one thing’s certain – Facebook and Googlewill become Big Brother’s watchdog whores even more than they already have. Yet with the NSA and Homeland Security busily monitoring every Americans’ every move and activity on and off the internet 24/7, they never seem to be able to catch the terrorists prior to committing terrorism. Inquiring minds are wondering why?

Understanding the bigger picture fills in the questions that never add up to adequately explain all the anomalies put forth by the deep state’s false narrative. Two weeks prior to the Paris attacks, CIA director John Brennan, outed as a Muslim himself by an ex-FBI counterterrorism agent, met with his French counterpart and former Mossad director, and admitted right after the Friday the 13th attacks that the intelligence community knew that “terrorists-r-us” were coming to Europe. A French judge who had cross-examined Islamic jihadists had even warned French security forces that ISIS was plotting a terrorist attack targeting a Paris concert hall. Live first-responder antiterrorism drills were conducted during the morning just hours prior to the Paris attacks. Likewise, a SWAT team active shooter training went live in San Bernardino while the regional center shooting was still unfolding, casting suspicion of yet another false flag event. This recurring pattern – a constant in virtually all terrorist attacks – strongly indicates pre-knowledge as part of a preplanned false flag operation.

While Obama and his neocon predecessors have been using their Muslim terrorist stooges to both justify and carry out their war on terror, they already declared war on Islam years ago by staging so many false flags using their Muslim hitmen (9/11, Chattanooga shootings earlier this year, Fort Hood shootings, both Paris attacks, 7/7 UK, 3/11 Spain). Yet on Sunday Obama reminded Americans to not use Muslims as their scapegoat even though the Bush-Obama regime has done just that repeatedly. The blame falls squarely on Obama as the number one state sponsor for worldwide terrorism. So his lofty talk is completely hypocritical yet that’s his signature trademark characterizing everything that comes out of his double-talking mouth. $50 Gift Ca... Best Price: null Buy New $50.00 (as of 11:05 EST - Details)

US foreign policy is based on the agenda of the ruling elite dictating the marching orders of Obama and other Western leaders. Thus the Empire of Chaos and Destruction polarizes,destabilizes, balkanizes, and otherwise destroys every high valued, resource-rich nation on earth for the raping and pillaging by globalist-owned Fortune 500 transnationals. And virtually the entire world’s now become their banana republic. To remove the primary barriers to their one world government agenda, an influx of so called trade agreements have been implemented designed to erode sovereign nations and enact global laws of governance as dictated by armies of transnational corporate lawyers. The NAFTA, TTP and TTIP are examples of these elitist agreements that supersede the power of national sovereignty, systematically centralizing power and control within one global body of governance. Right now the UN is being used in this same functional role legislating global authority over global laws regarding the global climate change hoax.

The elite has also ensured that its debt-based economic system driven for a century by the long known myth of infinite growth within a finite resource world would eventually give way to complete collapse, and in so doing would bring down the most powerful nations on earth, the United States, the European Union and other Western countries. As a critical tool to bring this about, the ruling elite has feasted off its steady diet of war to build up its enormous military industrial complex fueling an overstretched US Empire killing machine to do its dirty bidding worldwide. The neocons’ endless war on terrorism has been the ideological staple used to employ Islamic extremists to do its dirty mercenary bidding to further destabilize not only the Missile East and North Africa but now spreading to every continent on the planet.

With the global war on terrorism creating a global graveyard of failed states in its wake comes the massive refugee migration crisis also by globalist design to wreak further havoc on the West. Allowing hundreds of thousands of so called refugees from the Middle East and North Africa to pour in across the borders of Europe and North America, even flying them in planeloads without any documentation and defying all immigration laws in the process, opens the Pandora’s Box of grave and ominous things to come. With the predominance of refugees being young males, no doubt sprinkled amongst the hordes are Islamic jihadists joining already existing terrorist cells in North America and Europe. Even the Homeland Security official in charge of vetting refugees when questioned about the screening process of databases admitted to Congress:

In many countries the US accepts refugees from, the country did not have extensive data holdings. Gift Card -... Best Price: null Buy New $20.00 (as of 11:45 EST - Details)

In other words, the feds have no clue who is coming to America other than most are young males. And the situation is no different in Europe. By diabolical design through its divide and conquer strategy the ruling elite has set up its Trojan horse now being unleashed throughout both Europe and North America to purposely foment civil unrest, violence including terrorism as well as class, racial and religious warfare. That’s why when Obama and other Western politicians piously preach their pie in the sky ideals of tolerance and acceptance under the benign guise of multiculturalism, the elite’s puppets are actually fulfilling their demonic, treasonous role to destroy America and Europe from within by willfully betraying the very oaths they took to protect their citizens from both foreign and domestic enemies.

On the one hand, former constitutional lawyer-law professor Obama in his latest speech vows to protect the rights of all American citizens, yet on the other hand his every action belies his empty deceitful words. When he signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, he signed away virtually all our constitutional rights. The Posse Comitatus law that since 1878 prohibited US military from interfering with civil matters on US soil was repealed. Now members of the armed forces can break into our homes and arrest us without a warrant as our Fourth Amendment search and seizure laws requiring arrest warrants to enter our homes have been abolished. Our habeas corpus rights from the 1215 Magna Carta acting as the oldest human right in English-speaking civilization legally protecting citizens from government tyranny by prohibiting the feds from detaining us without just cause was wiped out with the single stroke of treasonous Obama’s pen. Under habeas corpus, the government must either charge us with a crime at the time of arrest or simply let us go. Yet 2012 NDAA instantaneously turned our supposed democratic republic into a bona fide totalitarian police state. So now without being charged, any US military or law enforcement personnel can break into our homes and arrest us without warrants or charges and imprison us for an unlimited length of time without trial or legal representation, thus further violating our Sixth Amendment rights to a fair and speedy trial as well as denying us the right to due process.

Yet the great pretender president always speaks in deceptive banalities promising one thing and then doing the opposite, his Sunday night performance being no exception. Lest we forget among his too-many-to-mention, infamous examples that 2008 presidential campaign promise to be the most open and transparent presidency in history followed by his in-our-face track record of being the most dishonest, secretive and vindictive president in US history. He has turned down more Freedom of Information requests than all other presidents. He has indicted, harassed and jailed more journalists and government whistleblowers than any other president. And he’s charged more Americans with the archaic Espionage Act of 1917 than all other presidents combined.

Another boldface lie uttered by our pathologically lying president in Sunday’s speech:

I’ve authorized US forces to take out terrorists abroad precisely because I know how real the danger is.

It’s been proven that Obama coddles and protects terrorists. The only world leader who actually kills them is Putin, but rather than treat him as a welcome ally against terrorism, Obama only pays lip service to destroying ISIS. Spun from familiar themes of past broken promises, like the US is still “hunting down” Islamic State terrorists when all the blatant facts show just the opposite. In September 2014 when he assured America he would root out every last terrorist he then proceeded to only protect them providing air cover in Syria and Iraq while betraying Kurds and Iraqi forces fighting against the terrorists. A number of US-allied airdrops maintaining the terrorists’ supply line have been intercepted and exposed. Captured Israeli intelligence officers and high ranking jihadists have admitted that the US-NATO led partners Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States continue supporting the Islamic State Caliphate.

Russia just released overwhelming proof that Turkish President Erdogan and his son are illegally bilking millions of dollars buying up ISIS stolen oil from Syria and Iraq. Israel has also been caught as the terrorist group’s oil-buying, biggest customer. While Obama claimed in his speech to take away Islamic State’s “safe havens,” he and his partner-in-crime Erdogan just prior to Putin stealing their thunder by declaring a real war against terrorists, Turkish forces were about to invade northern Syria establishing a joint US-Turkish no fly zone, thus in fact providing that very safe haven he claims to be taking away.

Moreover, Obama is establishing a military airbase in northeastern Syria to support Turkey and their terrorist allies. Obama’s Pentagon provides 45-minute warnings to ISIS prior to dropping bombs in order to preserve Islamic State’s safety. While in his speech Obama claims he is working to “cut off their financing,” in actuality Obama gave the greenlight to Erdogan to shoot down the Russian jet two weeks ago because Putin was actually the one cutting off terrorist financing by destroying miles of oil tanker caravans heading to sell stolen oil to the Erdogans in Turkey. By colluding with Erdogan to destroy a Russian plane, Obama actually showed his true intention which is to wage war against Russia, not the IS terrorists he created and has been keeping alive for over three years. Obama will kill innocent children before killing his precious terrorists. Undisputed evidence now exists proving Obama to be a psychopathic liar pretending to fight against terrorism.

And now for his gun confiscation agenda that Obama never fails to bring up after each false flag mass shooting despite them not prompting Congress to act on any gun control legislation. He said:

To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun.

The federal government has a growing watch list of Americans they have targeted as belligerents and enemies of the state. Most are law abiding citizens who disagree with government tyranny, the destruction of the US Constitution and the treasonous betrayal that Obama and so many in the federal government are guilty of. Obama has criminalized dissidence or anyone who disagrees with the totalitarian police state. He and his Homeland Security Department have also criminalized veterans as potential homegrown terrorists. All gun owners of course are criminalized also as potential future terrorists and that’s why their guns must be taken away. Disarming the population is historically a standard precursor to genocidal bloodbaths. And that’s really what all these false flag killing sprees are about – outlawing gun ownership in America through state sponsored terrorism. That way when the next Islamic State terrorists Obama’s lets into our country attack Americans, or when his government forces begin killing Americans, without guns the US citizens will be unable to defend themselves or fight back.

Here’s another quoted Obama joke from his Sunday sermon that’s not even remotely funny:

We should put in place stronger screening for those who come to America without a visa so that we can take a hard look at whether they’ve traveled to warzones.

Meanwhile Obama is bringing in planeloads of unvetted young men from war torn countries the US has destroyed setting them up with carte blanche social services and support, granting them the freedom to join and activate more terrorist cells within our border. That’s how close he’s scrutinizing those coming into America now. Of course Europe’s doing the same. The globalist agenda is all too obvious.

And then after all this compelling evidence outing Obama as a fraud in his fake war against ISIS, he actually has the audacity to claim that we will win this war on terror because “we are on the right side of history.” Another pathetically sad joke because Obama is the one who’s on the wrong side of history for his and his satanic worshipping puppet masters supporting terrorism and aggressively starting what is leading to World War III.

And then Obama can’t deliver a speech without his insidious harping back to American exceptionalism that’s granted him the grandiose right to be a despotic dictator ruining America from within and the right for the US Empire to destroy the world. Finally, he closes with the statement that “freedom is more powerful than fear.” What freedom? He’s stolen all our civil liberties and freedom. We have none left. As the most invasively watched group of human beings on earth, Americans are living in a totalitarian police state that is increasingly targeting us as the criminals and permitting the terrorists to spread terror and fear. Fear and terror are what the Obama handlers – the ruling elite – wants for Americans as brainwashed, dumbed down, fear-ridden, easily controlled, mindless robots obediently being herded towards the eugenics slaughterhouse.