NATO Protects ISIS to Defend Stolen Oil

I love it! Turkey just got called out on their crap by Russia! Have a look at this article. Enjoy!

“The main consumer of this oil stolen from its legitimate owners Syria and Iraq is Turkey,” Russian deputy defence minister Anatoly Antonov tells us. But pay attention to what else he said: “According to available information, the highest level of the political leadership of the country, President Erdogan and his family, are involved in this criminal business.” He also said, “In the West, no one has asked questions about the fact that the Turkish president’s son heads one of the biggest energy companies, or that his son-in-law has been appointed energy minister. What a marvelous family business!” NATO is going to get a black eye it’ll never be allowed to forget. How so? Because, first, NATO would have known about it either before or at the same time as the Russians found out. Second, NATO ignored this for well over a year. Third, NATO facilitated it and probably has high-up officials involved in it. Fourth, NATO gave the green light for Turkey to shoot down Russian planes to protect the oil flow coming in from Syria.

Let’s not forget that Turkey also shot down what was allegedly a Russian drone some weeks ago. Now that would have been on an intelligence gathering mission. Obviously, Turkey was trying to plug the keyhole with some wadded up paper to keep Russia from peeking in and seeing there was a tryst between Turkey and ISIS going on. As I said here previously, there had to be some nation or nations to handle this oil. It isn’t blood diamonds or even gold bars that came from the Nazis during World War Two. That could be handled by private players. But oil? No, obviously some country or countries brings it across their borders and handles it. Let’s also not forget that the refinery requires skilled workers. And why wasn’t this ISIS refinery targeted over the past year? What, is it a stealth refinery? Oh, I know, they say they did target it. But it would appear the ability of ISIS to export oil has remained undaunted nonetheless.

Hey, look, Russia appears to have the proof. See this story. Yes, and what is NATO going to say about that? This is the same as a NATO member nation running illegal weapons to an embargoed nation. Oh, wait, that has happened. That’s what Iran-Contra was about. My bad. The Russian defense ministry also alleged that the same people which were smuggling oil into Turkey were also supplying weapons, equipment and training to Islamic State. Well, I wouldn’t say that’s just Turkey when it comes to that. I tend to think that’s the CIA and other U.S. covert ops people, since we know Turkey is where the U.S. admittedly trained those Syrian “moderates”.

It gets even more obvious what’s going on. “According to our reliable intelligence data, Turkey has been carrying out such operations for a long period and on a regular basis. And most importantly, it does not plan to stop them,” Sergei Rudskoy, deputy head of the Russian military’s General Staff, tells us. The Russian defense ministry said its surveillance revealed that hundreds of tanker trucks were gathering in plain sight at Islamic State-controlled sites in Iraq and Syria to load up with oil, and it wondered why the U.S.-led coalition was not launching more air strikes on them. Because they’re all in on it! It’s a scam! THIS WHOLE ISIS THING IS A SCAM, PEOPLE! We are being lied into another war to enrich the people that created these terrorists!

Let’s think about this for a moment. All these great Amuricans calling for us to send troops over there. Then when the Russians went in, these same Amuricans demanded we send troops and teach those Russkies a lesson. But the Russians are the ones telling us the truth here! The Russian defense department wants to save more American lives than the American government does! WOW! Take that all in for a minute. Yes, those nasty, evil Russians are trying to save the American lives that the American government wants to literally throw away in a war to save ISIS and black market oil. You know, it’s one thing when you invade a country to take their oil by military fiat. It’s another when you hire terrorists to steal it, help them smuggle it, protect their convoys with your air forces, and then fence it off and split the take. What exactly does “NATO” stand for now?! North Atlantic THEFT Organization?!

I think American imperialism is about to fall flat on its face. I think Russia was watching this game for quite some time, unannounced and quietly. Here were the various Western operators on the Ho Chi ISIS Trail moving oil one way and weapons the other. Russian satellites are just taking it all in and the West thinks Russia only cares what’s going on in Ukraine at the time. I don’t think the U.S. is going to be able to explain this one away. I would love nothing more than to see this turn into a huge scandal. That’s what I want for Christmas: The U.S. government bogged down in endless investigations and hearings, humiliated worldwide, and people going to jail. Hey, I can have a wish list, can’t I?

ISIS Oil Company is evidently not just a CIA entity. It appears to be a NATO-owned business. How deep does this rabbit hole go???