Here's Your New Years Resolution: Don't Enlist!

In case you needed any more evidence as to why you should not volunteer to lose your life, body parts, or mind, have a look at this article.

Ok, so, what does that mean? It means that if you do not get the Golden Ticket to the Willy Wonka VA system (aka the Magic Paper, aka the Honorable Discharge), then you basically get a piece of McPaper that follows you everywhere you go. It’s like having a felony, in other words. What the article didn’t tell you is that even if you DID get an Honorable Discharge Magic Paper, but served less than 2 years, you do not qualify for Willy Wonka, either. How does that happen? Let’s say you get something like a Chapter 13, which is to discharge those with things like “personality disorders”. Hey, it could be service-connected, but good luck proving that. At any rate, you get the Magic Paper, but it isn’t the Golden Ticket and, ergo, you do not qualify for Willy Wonka. Have a nice day and thank you for playing.

Look here, kids. I know it looks cool. Back when I was a teen, the army was telling us on TV, “BE! All that you can be! ‘Cause we need you, in the arrrrr-my!” The decidedly lame song went something like that. Once we got in there to the Green Machine, we thought: “Is THIS all we can be?!” Indeed. A low-budget hired gun to enforce Uncle Scam’s foreign policy disasters. Minimum-wage unarmed security guards get paid more when you do the math. Not to mention they can go over to Starbucks on their breaks. Try finding a Starbucks in whatever place most people can’t find on the map but the Pentagon can. You think those people will be happy to see you? They’re not happy to see their own army. And many of them are getting AK-47s left under their pillows by the Kalashnikov Fairy when they lose their first tooth. Usually in a clan brawl. They celebrate weddings with anti-aircraft guns. You think you’re tough? Because you passed basic training? What if an entire country LIVES basic training?

Anyway, the U.S. military hires top-name advertising agencies to convince you to literally sign over your life to be a Janissary for Uncle Scam. Oh, you don’t know what a Janissary is? Here, check it out. Yes, you see these ads and think, “Wow! How cool is that! I could be that dude in the hatch of that tank!” That’ll be a good place to be, too, when that tank runs over a buried 155mm artillery round made into an improvised anti-tank mine. Because maybe you’ll be blown clear of it. Or maybe you can be a crew chief on a Blackhawk, right. Did you know it was some of Uncle Scam’s covert ops guys that taught terrorists how to take down choppers using RPG-7s? You can thank the Langley Laughing Academy when your bird goes down and you fall into the hands of McResistance to McMerica. They will not honor frequent flier miles, by the way.

More than likely, though, they’ll put you into the infantry. But they’ll gussy it up so it doesn’t look like you’re a bullet magnet. And if you see enough things that would damage the psychological well-being of Tamerlane, and then you crack, guess what? It was all for nothing, because they will put you out without the Golden Ticket. Welcome to McMerica. And you thought you were fighting for freedom? What freedom is that? How was Bashar al-Assad taking away our freedom? Riddle me that, Batman. Right, so now we’ve stirred up another hornet’s nest over there we’ve “got” to go fight. Creating more psychologically-wounded on top of those physically wounded, and we’ve killed thousands upon thousands of people in another country for nothing. And all of their families are going to want revenge for what we did to them.

Listen, we killed millions of people in the Vietnam War and where was the just cause? Nowhere to be found. We went into Iraq in 2003 and where is the great paradigm shift that was supposed to convert the entire Middle East to McMocracy? Nowhere to be found. We’ve been killing people all over this planet and this slaughter rolls merrily along because we have a bloodthirsty government that is obviously getting its jollies off of it. How else can this be explained, I ask you?

The year 2016 is going to usher in another year of senseless slaughter and mayhem, courtesy of the United States government, that would have shocked Genghis Khan. But there is a New Years Resolution you can make. Refuse to be a part of government murder campaigns. You have control over that. You have control over what your soul, mind, and body participate in. Don’t enlist. I say again: Do not enlist. There is nothing waiting for you in the military that you cannot accomplish outside of it. Don’t be misled into thinking you need to do this to “prove” something. There is nothing to prove but your own humanity, and you cannot do that pulling the trigger on other human beings that did nothing to you. You prove your humanity by NOT pulling triggers on people a government convinces you to sign up to go kill. The politicians send YOU to go kill people they haven’t got the guts to go kill themselves. Because they’re all cowards, hiding behind drones and soldiers.

There’s your New Years Resolution: Reject the government, reject the military it serves, and reject participation in futile wars. Reject that all. Choose life.

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