What Your Music Taste Says About You

Take the Observer personality quiz and find out who you – or your partner – really are

Think the music you love is part of your identity? You might be right. According to a study at the University of Texas which gave people questionnaires about their musical taste and a battery of personality and intelligence tests, what you listen to reveals a surprising amount about you. So which of these four ‘super genres’ best describes your musical taste?

a) Blues, classical, folk, jazz

b) Alternative, heavy metal, rock

c) Country, pop, religious, soundtracks

d) Electronic, hip-hop, rap, soul


a) If you listen to this kind of music, which the researchers dubbed “reflective and complex”, you probably see yourself as unathletic, liberal and intelligent (and do, in fact, do pretty well on exams and IQ tests). You are also probably very open to trying new experiences.

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