ISIS Oil Company: A CIA-Owned Subsidiary?

I guess the world is heading into the basement to find dad’s old 45 record of “Eve of Destruction” right about now. But the eastern world exploding is courtesy of the red, white, and blue, to paraphrase a more recent song. Get a load of SecState Kerry over here! Hey, John. John! The time to urge calm was BEFORE a Russian plane got shot down. As in, weeks ago when Turkey first threatened doing that.

Russia has already retaliated with some economic sanctions against Turkey, demonstrating that NATO isn’t the only kid on the block that can build a treehouse and hang a sign outside that says, “No other kidz allowed!” It would appear Turkey will need some new markets for Turkish delight candies. But the long-range SAMs that Russia just parked over there can do more than ensure Turkish exports plummet in price. Gee, I bet there will be some good prices to be had on Turkish goods in another couple of months. If the world lasts that long, depending on the breaks. America Invades: How W... Christopher Kelly, Stu... Best Price: $6.50 Buy New $18.80 (as of 08:20 EST - Details)

Look, by now it should be no mystery at all that the United States has been backing terrorists in Syria and it’s only a matter of time before hard evidence becomes public. Why else would Turkey be so hot and bothered to knock off Russian aircraft bombing Syrian terrorists along the border? After all, would you want terrorists crossing over the border and using your country as a safe haven? Unless it already IS a safe haven, and always has been. Which is why, as you’ll recall, Turkey was the place the U.S. government was training those so-called “Syrian moderates”. As I said previously, were this not the case, a NATO nation like Turkey would have been ordered by the United States to escort Russian planes away. Even if they had to do it fifteen times a day, the procedure is to scramble fighters and escort the Russian planes away. It always has been. Until now.

Lots of people are now remembering that during the Cold War, politicians who were relatively sane lay awake nights whenever Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces moved closer to the border of NATO territory. Because it was only a hop, skip, and a border clash away from World War Three. Let’s not forget the U.S. itself almost started World War Three during the Able Archer exercise in Western Europe. The Soviets misread that as a first strike prep and The Devil’s Ches... Talbot, David Best Price: $3.67 Buy New $41.00 (as of 10:40 EST - Details) before it was over, Soviet Bear bombers were spooling up on the tarmac. People are now starting to remember that, gosh, wasn’t this how we thought the end of the world was going to start? And wasn’t that EXACTLY WHY Soviet planes were NOT to be shot down, but escorted away?!

Things are beginning to come together as to what the U.S. is and has been up to in Syria. For whatever reason, the U.S. cannot let Syria go. Seriously folks, if this was a romantic relationship, we would have moved on by now, even if “moving on” meant going down to the courthouse to obtain a restraining order. It is beyond an obsession, so there has to be some money here. Putin basically said this, pointing out that oil tanker convoys going into Turkey from Syrian ISIS forces look like a line of ants going after a  molten lollipop on the sidewalk. Now, color me crazy (and many do), but I think the ISIS Oil Company is a  shell corporation headed up by the CIA. They can’t? The CIA already has a venture capital firm. Look up “In-Q-Tel” to see for yourself.

There must be tons of untraceable cash changing hands over there. I think in the beginning, it started as a covert op to topple Assad. But now, there’s a lot of oil being had at bargain prices—or traded outright for weapons in some Myths, Lies and Oil Wars F. William Engdahl Best Price: $33.55 Buy New $7.93 (as of 08:30 EST - Details) cases. Hey, if you can trade a $50 AK for $500 worth of oil, there’s a lot that can be risked or overlooked. See, I just can’t buy that this is all about Assad. I mean, All About Assad would be the name of a great romantic comedy, but as foreign policy? I don’t think so. I smell a scam. Since we are talking about the United States government, it’s hard not to smell a scam. There has to be some tangible reason they’re willing to risk a tussle with the Russkies—and using Turkey to protect ISIS and al-Qaida assets from Russian airstrikes.

Who knows who’s involved, how deep it goes, and what the “official” end game is? But what if the “end game” is what we see already in play? The desire to garner this oil at pennies on the dollar and all that money goes into pockets with no oversight whatsoever? History is loaded with examples of that having happened before. And the CIA does have some experience in these types of things. In fact, their rap sheet on that looks like Webster’s dictionary, plus all of the encyclopedias.

I think it’s more than the fact the U.S. government is insane. We can blame political inbreeding for that. But bring some money into this that cannot be traced and is “off-the-books”, there’s a lot they’ll risk. Hey, they won’t have to fight that war. That’s what they’ve got YOUR kids for.