The Islamic Caliphate Holy Warriors Are Increasing Rapidly

James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, said in an interview about the Paris attacks that IS has rapidly expanded from about 30,000  to about 150,000.

CIA “numbers” are very dicey and political. But everything indicates that the Islamic Caliphate is growing extremely rapidly at its core[s] and with new affiliates over thousands of miles in the E.U., North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

This explosive, possibly exponential growth, is part of the exponential growth of Muslim Holy Warriors in general against U.S. and European imperialist attacks of all forms on Islam.

This vast explosion of Muslim Holy Warriors is not surprising. As soon as the U.S. led vast imperialist strangulations, annihilations, invasions and occupations of the Islamic World, it quickly became apparent that the world’s one and a half billion Muslims would have to submit to a new imperialism that would cut out Islam’s heart or they would have to resort to their ancient forms of Holy War to stop this imperialism.

When the U.S. annihilated the infrastructures of Iraq and Afghanistan, invaded these ancient nations and occupied them, it was perfectly obvious that  the Holy Warriors would explode across the vast Muslim World to save Islam from the hated invaders. I and my friends and colleagues wrote about all of this over and over, but it was almost all rejected by the vast majority of people in the West, who are totally ignorant about the rest of the world, not just the Islamic World.

There are now hundreds, maybe thousands of Holy Warrior organizations from family and village levels to the nearly global levels of al-Queda and IS. They keep exploding in all ways.

Americans and Europeans generally have no idea of how fierce and lasting this Muslim hatred has become of the Infidels trying to destroy their world, which is exactly how they see it.

The great threat of IS to the U.S. and European Empire is not the rapidly expanding attacks on civilians in airplanes and the streets of Paris and beyond. Those are medie recruitment drives by IS and other Holy Warriors. They are intended to show that hundreds of millions of young Muslim men and women can rise up and save themselves eventually from the hated infidels killing and maiming them by the millions and destroying their ways of making a living for their families.

Many millions of Muslims are already totally convinced the Empire will not let them live in peace to have families and decent lives. Soon it will be hundreds of millions and continue until the Imperialists stop their  mass murders and mutilations and economic strangulations.

At some point the people of the Imperialists’ nations, who are also victims of  the imperialists, will rise up and stop the insane attacks on Islam.

The Muslims did not start these attacks of the past few centuries, certainly not those of the U.S. They immensely prefer peace, but the West is giving them no choice at this point.

Christianity  has largely died out in Europe (though not in Russia) and is dying fast in the U.S. among most of the people (but being reborn in some areas].

Islam is still a fervent faith that is growing very rapidly. The secular non-believers of the West do not understand this vast difference.

The West and Saudi Arabia use mercenaries to fight the Holy Warriors. The Holy Warriors will win for obvious reasons.