I Get Letters...

I’ve gotten some rather interesting emails regarding my article “The Doomsday Falafel”. Some people were furious—how DARE I say that! “Don’t you realize that Islam is out to take over the world??!!” And, my personal favorite, “You’re an idiot!” So, it appears it’s time to shine a bit more light on to a subject I felt was already well-illuminated.

First off, if you don’t believe what the government, politicians, and media tell you about other things, why do you then believe them about Muslims? Gee, let’s see…Ah! How about this one? “The Huns are bayoneting babies in Belgium!” Wow, really?! I thought the Huns went extinct as a tribe. No, they dredged that one up to cast the Germans as evil, inhuman monsters capable of infanticide. Why? Because they needed fools to enlist and go fight a European colonial war re-branded to us today as World War One. We were told the Germans were getting ready to take over the world, too. “The War To End All Wars”…ha ha ha!!! This, of course, led directly to the much-acclaimed sequel, World War Two for which propaganda experts received several Oscars and I heard the soundtrack was on the Top Ten for years. They added the Japanese to the already human DNA-challenged Germans in that war. Not to mention carting Japanese AMERICANS off to concentration camps such as Manzanar.

I wonder how they pulled this off in the Civil War? If they said the Confederates were subhumans, well, that’d really come back to bite the Union in the keester because they had relatives down there. It was far easier during the Indian Wars when the original inhabitants of this land were certainly cast as subhumans and forced into vast, open-air concentration camps called “Indian reservations”. That is, when they weren’t just killed out of hand or starved into submission via engineered famines (i.e. killing off the buffalo) that Stalin would’ve purchased the how-to book from. Not to mention the various “Westerns” at the movies that endlessly glorified this genocide for decades. America always wants an enemy just like the enemy that got exterminated by dear old Dad. Thank you, Amurican government, my mother’s people appreciated being civilized in such an obviously civilized way.

So here we are again dehumanizing yet another “enemy” we’re told to hate. Hating the Russians is back in vogue again, too. Remember the Cold War, how the “Russkies” were always portrayed as evil, unthinking robots? That makes it easier to stomach incinerating tens of millions of them with thermonuclear weapons if we needed to in order to defend something called “American interests”. That could be anything from bananas in Central America to coffee in South America. Because we don’t always know whose brother is running the CIA while the other brother runs a fruit import company. Wake up, people. You hate who the government tells you to hate. Because they INVENT the reasons to hate them. It sells foreign policy. It sells wars. It sells movies and books. It sells entertainment and news (same thing).

Excuse me, but we’ve been repeatedly lied into wars with people we were told were “evil” and “not like us”. How many more times does this need to happen before we finally say, “Gee, ya think the government might be LYING to us?” Ok, well, anyone that wants to fight those wars, be my guest. But I’m getting sick of paying for them. So, not only should you guys fight those wars, you need to PAY FOR THEM, too. Yourselves. If militant Islam is a threat, well, I hear tell there’s Kurdish and Assyrian Christian militias desperate for volunteers. There, you want to do something? Look them up. They’re on Facebook.

I’m not going to hate the people this government tells me to. When I look back on history, I see that this government has lied EVERY TIME it has conjured up an enemy. Why? Because that’s how you get parents to accept their children shipped off to fight, get maimed, and die in futile wars overseas that had NOTHING to do with us whatsoever. Not to mention the endless suicides of veterans left with the memories of those wars. What is it, 22 per day commit suicide, they say? See, that’s the thing about hate. It’s like walking through mud. No matter how much you wipe you feet, you track it into your house. I’m not tracking that into my house. I’m going to walk in peace.