Why Detox?

DETOXIFICATION is a basic principle of natural health. Any program of restoring the health and balance of the body includes getting toxins out of the body.

TOXINS accumulate over time because they store in our fatty tissue. Our bodies cannot eliminate toxins without some help. The fatty tissue that stores toxins is not just that roll around the middle – it also a form of fat known as phospholipids that are found in significant quantities in our brain and nerves. This accumulation of toxins over time can cause serious degenerative problems.

SYMPTOMS of toxicity include fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, high blood pressure, allergies and sensitivities, excessive mucus production, sinus problems, and bronchitis. They can also include mood changes, joint aches, arthritis, autoimmune issues, skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, forgetfulness and foggy thinking along with just not feeling good. If you have any of these symptoms, it may be time to clean up.

Toxins are EVERYWHERE – not to be paranoid or anything, but think about it. Much of our food is conventionally grown, meaning that Health Plus Prime Deto... Check Amazon for Pricing. they use chemical pesticides and fertilizers. To top that off, if they are processed in any way, they are treated with chemical additives to preserve texture, taste and shelf life. Our animals are also raised on conventionally grown crops and are fed hormones and sometimes highly processed food that is completely unnatural to their systems. These animals have the same trouble we do in eliminating unnatural chemicals – they store them in fatty tissues. The toxins you get from conventional meat may be the same ones that end up in your brain, prostate and breasts.

BREATHING allows toxins to enter our bodies through our lungs. Breathing any kind of chemical fumes allows toxins into the body. One commonly overlooked source of inhalant toxins is our cleaning products and air fresheners.

COSMETICS allow toxins to enter our bodies through our skin. Whatever we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream without being processed by our liver first. Many of our cosmetics and lotions have horrible chemicals in them and we don’t even think twice about the toxicity of them. Think about even Vaseline – also known as petroleum jelly. Yuck! Or baby oil – also petroleum based. How about nice substitutes made from olive oil and beeswax, coconut oil or sweet almond oil?

DETOXIFICATION is a way to help the body process out these stored chemicals and it helps lead to health and balance in the long run. I recommend all kinds of cleanses. One of the best is a 30 day whole body cleanse that cleans and supports all organs of elimination. If you are really serious about cleansing and restoring health to your body, there are other cleanses that are good follow-ups to the basic 30 day whole body cleanse. These include heavy metal cleanses, liver cleanses, parasite cleanses and more.

TRY a cleanse and feel better soon.

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