The #1 Weird Way to Remineralize Teeth and Heal Cavities

How eggshells can naturally heal cavities

Modern society is the first to routinely fill teeth cavities with toxic materials as soon as they occur. But we may not need to turn to these modern practices if we simply take natural precautions. In fact, we may actually be able to remineralize teeth and heal cavities naturally with some natural solutions.

For many decades, mercury amalgam fillings were used because the malleability of the mercury allowed for the fillings to completely fill all the small spaces, tiny grooves, and narrow crevices. The temperature sensitivity of the mercury also permitted the filling to expand and contract accordingly.

Unfortunately, this practice of immediately filling cavities precluded the possibility of the teeth regenerating themselves. Plus, we now know that the amalgam solutions pose a noteworthy health risk due to mercury exposure. Rainbow Light, Magnesi... Buy New $12.24 (as of 10:50 EST - Details)

With the right natural remedies and proper technique, teeth can actually rebuild their tooth structure. In this manner the tincture of time and patience become the necessary components of a self-healing program.

Using Eggshells to Remineralize Teeth

Nature’s Way Org... Best Price: null Buy New $15.19 ($0.47 / Ounce) (as of 01:00 EST - Details) One example of an efficacious protocol for healing cavities includes eggshells. Here’s why eggshells make for the perfect ingredient:

“Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities – massive amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals. The composition of eggshells resembles our teeth. Eggshells provide the necessary amount of calcium to remineralize teeth.” [1]

The real key to effectively remineralizing the teeth is providing the right minerals in the right balance so that the teeth can rebuild themselves. This process can begin in earnest only after the mouth has been properly cleansed.

By cleansing it should be understood that all dental materials that are toxic or allergenic for an individual are safely removed by a biological dentist. Holistic dentistry should also be utilized to address any persistent infections in Waterpik Water Flosser... Best Price: null Buy New $69.49 (as of 09:00 EST - Details) the teeth or gums. Cavitation sites, in particular, must be appropriately remediated so that any focal infections are completely treated.

By using only dental materials and techniques utilized by a toxin-free dentist, the naturally occurring bacterial flora in the mouth can be re-established. Likewise, the normal pH of the mouth, which is the most conducive for this difficult type of tissue regeneration, will prevail over the long term necessary for natural cavity filling.

Though it’s recommended to take the previous steps mentioned, one thing you can and should do on your own to cleanse your mouth is oil pulling. Oil pulling is a very interesting mouth-cleansing method that could lead to Essential Oxygen Plus ... Best Price: null Buy New $19.84 ($0.62 / Fl Oz) (as of 01:45 EST - Details) numerous benefits, and few people know about this practice. Read more about the art of oil pulling here.

What is it about eggshells that makes them so special?

  • “Bone tissue is composed of calcium. Actually, human bones and teeth are very similar to an eggshell’s composition. One of the benefits of eggshells is the calcium contained in the shell (93 %), the bone marrow is fulfilling its hematopoietic function better.
  • Additionally, eggshells also contain mineral elements: magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, aluminum, etc.
  • There are 27 elements found in the eggshells. Also the protein of a shell is composed of such essential amino acids as methionine, cysteine, lysine, isoleucine. Thus, properly prepared eggshells are the most balanced natural means to obtain calcium.” [1]

Refilling teeth cavities naturally is no small task; therefore, using the very best filling material that nature has to offer is absolutely vital to a successful outcome.

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