9 Things To Do to Prepare for Hard Times Ahead

Most Prepper types that I know appear to have a common trait: they are good at evaluating risks then moving to mitigate those risks in a nimble manner.  What that means, in somewhat plainer English, is they have the ability to evaluate a situations, make a plan, learn from it, and ultimately act in a responsible manner.

Along those lines, more recently I have done some personal analysis and put more focus on what I call “hard times ahead”.  With my disaster preps more or less in order, I want to ensure that my own household will get through a period of difficulty when, for instance, there is not enough food, work, or money to go around.

A couple of years I shared 7 Tips to Prepare for Hard Times.  Today, with even more concern about an eminent financial collapse, I suggest 9 more tips to prepare for hard times ahead.

1.  Accumulate cash and store it under your mattress, preferably in small denominations

No silly, I don’t really mean that you should store cash under your mattress (so do not come over and look under mine!). Rather, you will want to store cash is some well-hidden place or places where you can get to it in secret, if needed.  Although I have not done so yet, I plan to locate a cache of bills underground in two or three different locations.

Now that I think about it, burying a supply of heirloom seeds, well sealed in Mylar bags, might be a good idea as well.

2.  Practice blending in and looking normal and nondescript Dry-Packs Mylar Bags a... Check Amazon for Pricing.

Even if you are normally reclusive and keep to yourself, get out in the community and be seen.  Wear drab clothing and look ordinary.  The point is that you want to be seen as a “regular” but not noticed because you appear different or worse, as a stranger to the community.

3.  Practice haggling and the art of barter for goods and services

A good place to start is at flea markets or thrift shops. In my big-city days I have even tried this in boutiques but I never did have enough nerve to do so while shopping for shoes at Nordstrom.

Heirloom Vegetable See... Buy New $39.99 (as of 06:05 UTC - Details) For many, this will take you outside of your comfort zone so start modestly and work your way up toward more sophisticated barter transactions.

4.  Take care of major or minor health concerns now

Get your teeth cleaned and take care of any dental work that needs to be done.  If there is a medical procedure you have been putting off, do so now.  Are you overweight and in poor physical shape?  Cut out sweets for awhile and start walking to build your stamina.

5.  Keep your vehicles in top working condition and always top them off with fuel

A vehicle does not have to be a shiny new model in order to function well.  As a matter of fact, part of “blending in” means you will have an older vehicle but one that is well taken care of.

Here is Washington state, many of us have Subaru’s because they are four-wheel drive and run forever.  Have a white Subaru in my State?  That is the surest way to hide in plain sight.  See what I mean?

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