Motorists Beware: Ranking the States that Treat You Worst

The relationship between state and motorist lies somewhere on the scale between ‘to protect and serve’ and ‘command and control.’ It depends greatly on how the fuel tax, tolls, and other user fees are collected, how fines are levied, and the degree to which that revenue is used to maintain and improve public roadways as opposed to being diverted for use on unrelated projects.

Because states view drivers’ rights with varying degrees of indifference, we decided to quantify what distinguishes each of the states in their treatment of motorists. Click here for a brief description of the five evaluation categories and the metrics that were considered in the NMA rankings. Numeric-based metrics were normalized by state-specific factors such as annual vehicle miles traveled (as published by NHTSA), total lane miles, and population density so that the states could be compared on a common scale.



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