Six Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a beauty and health practice that is quickly growing in popularity. The Internet abounds with blogs, articles, and videos dedicated to this topic, and each point of reference regards it as a simple way to support good health. While dry skin brushing won’t be the magic bullet for any ailment or health worry, it can be a great way to support skin health, circulation, and relaxation.

The Six Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

The brushing of dry skin is best done with a brush made from natural materials. A list of all the advantages this practice offers to health conscious individuals would be voluminous and beyond the scope of a single article. Out of all of these advantages, six benefits of dry skin brushing stand out, and these benefits include:

Dr. Berkowskyu2019s Vi... Bruce Berkowsky Best Price: $3.83 Buy New $12.99 (as of 09:25 EDT - Details) 1. Reduces Cellulite

The first major benefit that many proponents of skin brushing claim is that it eliminates–or drastically reduces–the appearance of cellulite. This is an important element of detoxifying the body. Cellulite is actually composed of toxic fat buildup that results in the wrinkling of the skin. Brushing dry skin is believed to tighten the epidermis and contribute to the breakup of this toxic material. This is much more economical and convenient than liposuction therapy. The detoxification process can be further enhanced by taking colon cleansing, liver cleansing, and chemical and heavy metal cleansing supplements and exercising regularly.

2. Exfoliates

Another benefit one can expect is the removal of dead skin cells. Advantages that this brings extend beyond the obvious one of removing dry, dead skin that looks dull. When dead cells are exfoliated, new cells form more quickly. Skin not only Dry Skin Body Brush - ... Buy New $9.95 (as of 09:40 EDT - Details) looks healthier, it actually becomes healthier as dead skin is removed from clogged pores.

3. Improved Circulation

Blood flow increases to the skin following dry brushing, and the normal process of releasing toxins through perspiration is improved. Proper exercise, spicy foods, and breathing techniques also contribute to increasing circulation.

4. Supports Muscle Tone

Another advantage offered by skin brushing is the stimulation of the nervous system. Stimulated nerves activate muscle fibers and improve muscle tone. This is particularly beneficial to people who have lost weight and are looking to tighten up Moisturizing Gloves, M... Check Amazon for Pricing. sagging skin.

5. Immune System Health

One of the most important benefits of skin brushing is the supposed effect it has on the lymphatic system. This is of profound significance to the immune system. White blood cells, or lymphocytes, are actually named after this major body system. Lymph circulates to our cells through channels independent of our circulatory system. However, after it has done its work, it returns to the bloodstream through valves leading into the heart. Here, the white blood cells can fight the toxic agents that threaten our health. Massaging the skin with a brush, combined with exercise, speeds up the flow of lymph and directly contributes to a stronger immune system and healthier body. [1] Brush-The Fuzz Brush E... Buy New $5.11 (as of 03:10 EDT - Details)

6. Skin Appearance

A sixth benefit of skin brushing is a drastic improvement in the aesthetics of the skin itself. Eliminating dead skin and unclogging its pores results in a noticeable decrease in odor. For people who exercise or sit in Far Infrared Saunas, this is an excellent follow up to detoxification by sweating. The appearance of the skin also improves as new cells form more quickly, and the skin takes on a smooth luster that is noticeably brighter than the dull appearance of old, dry, and often wrinkled skin.

How to Perform Dry Brushing Gift Card i... Check Amazon for Pricing. Dry skin brushing is an easy form of self care for people to administer to themselves that results in noticeable improvement in skin health. In turn, skin brushing contributes to rejuvenating a number of key body systems. To perform skin brushing, clean your body by taking a shower or bath. Then, making sure your skin is completely dry, gently move the bristles of a natural loofah sponge or boar bristle brush along your skin, using strokes that begin at the heart and slowly move outwards.

Keep in mind that many of the claims associated with dry skin brushing, while promising, have very little research supporting them. It’s a natural technique that only requires a minute of your time, so why not try it out and see what it does for you?

Do you dry brush? What have been your experiences? Please give us your tips and thoughts on this new popular trend in the comments!

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


  1. Bruno J. Chikly, MD, DO. Manual Techniques Addressing the Lymphatic System: Origins and Development. J Am Osteopath Assoc. October 1, 2005. vol. 105, no. 10, 457-464.

Reprinted from Global Healing Center.