Editorial: 20 Rules for Winning Gun Fights

If you opt to carry or own a gun for self protection, you should already know that there may be times that you’ll have to make difficult decisions. Well, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind for tactical shooters that will help you make the right ones:

1. Be prepared to use deadly force.

This emotional, mental and psychological decision must be made long before the incident arrives. You may have to shoot a man, a woman, pregnant lady or a teenager. Think about it before the time arrives.  Be prepared to stop a co-worker, a neighbor, a teammate, friend or even a relative.  You may have to physically hurt or kill someone that you know or someone you’ve talked with or like or someone you think you know well.

2.  Have plan to kill everyone you meet.

This old military adage still holds true: if you have prepared for every possibility, you’ll be able to act or react quicker.  In gun fights, speed saves.

3.  Action is faster than reaction.

If someone’s pointing a gun at you, you must act fast. He can pull the trigger anytime he wants to and you’ll be DRT – dead right there. Never – ever – get involved in a so-called Mexican standoff where two people just stand there and point guns at each other.  Save that for Hollywood because in real life, if you do that, you could lose with disastrous results.

4. Have a positive ID on the threat/target, then shoot.

Be absolutely sure of your target before pulling the trigger.  If you’re too quick on the trigger, you might shoot the wrong person at the wrong time.

5. Shoot from behind cover, if available.

Know the difference between cover and concealment.  Get to hard cover – and stay there until the threat stops.  Of course, shoot from behind cover and move only if you are gaining a tactical advantage without sacrificing your own safety.

6. Shoot on the move.  Shoot then move.  Move then shoot.

Practice all of these. Static shooting will get you killed.  Save that for target shooting and plinking.

7. Don’t turn your back on the threat.

If you need to retreat do so, but don’t turn your back, if possible.

8. Keep your eyes on the threat.

You’re eyes are key in battle.  Protect your eyes, and keep your head on a swivel.

9. Don’t hesitate.

Hesitation kills. Hesitation is your enemy–but so is shooting too fast.

10. Never give up your weapon.

If someone other than a police officer tells you to drop your gun or give up your gun, don’t.  Be prepared to use it.  If you give up your gun, you could die.

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