Natural Remedies for Ear Aches, Ear Infections, and Ear Inflammation

The single most common reason for the prescription of antibiotics in children is ear infections, and these infections also arise from time to time in what appears to be healthy adults.  In most cases, the standard oral antibiotics have very little effect on the pain, but it is not long before the ear ache naturally subsides.

Ear aches often occur when an ear gets infected.  The ears then become inflamed; making fluid drainage more difficult.  This results in an immune system response which includes fever, difficulty hearing through the ‘bad’ ear, mucus buildup inside the ear, and often other general signs of sickness.  However, there are other reasons for ear aches.

Defy Your Doctor and B... Sarah Cain Corriher Best Price: $10.38 Buy New $28.00 (as of 01:05 EST - Details) General inflammation is likely to occur in the ears of children following any stresses on their immune system, even if a bacterial infection is not directly present inside the ear.  This type of ear ache is most likely to occur in children, and explains why antibiotics are so useless in many cases.

In children who are allowed to recover from ear aches without the use of antibiotics, parents often report that a ‘growth spurt’ follows.  When the child is about to undertake a major change, the immune system becomes stressed.  While this is normal, the modern diet and lifestyle encourage negative symptoms whenever any stresses are placed on the immune system.  Ear infections are just one of those symptoms.  However, if a doctor notices repeated ear infections over a six-month period, he may prescribe long term oral antibiotics for you or your child.  That is, antibiotics as a ‘preventative’ medicine.  I’ll resist ranting about the long term health implications.  Alternatively, the doctor may opt for a surgical approach to insert tubes inside the ears, in order to help them drain.  Hopefully, this article will to help concerned parents to avoid these barbaric approaches.

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Contrary to what the medical establishment claims, ear infections are not a routine part of life, anymore than the common cold is.  They are a part of being chronically ill, which is the lifestyle that is encouraged by pharmaceutical companies, and the governmental groups which represent them.  If you regularly see your doctor, then you will get ear infections, lung infections, headaches, and frequently experience trouble sleeping.  Count on it.  That’s because modern doctors are merely drug salesmen who learned very little about how the body actually works in college.  They learned about pharmaceutical chemistry, and about having a good “bed side manner” (salesmanship) in college.  Just ask your doctor to list the cascading order of organ dysfunction that leads to pre-diabetes, and just wait for that blank look in his eyes.  Those so-called “wonder drugs” and vaccines actually weaken the immune system in the long term, so that ear aches become normal.  Likewise, those who adhere to the modern diet will also experience these common symptoms.  Drinking municipal (tap) water, eating refined sugars, ‘white’ processed products, hormone-laden meats, nitrate salts, table salt, and using hydrogenated oils will all ensure that you and your family experiences chronic illness and developmental issues.

The answer to having no future ear infections lies in taking care of the overall health.  In the case of young children, it is harder to avoid ear aches; but it is not impossible.  If the immune system is strong, miscellaneous ailments rarely develop.  (We have not been to a doctor in years.)  If you are aware of increased stress upon the immune system, then you can give it a strong boost with Golden Seal, Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, Yogurt, Vitamin C, and L-Lysine supplements.

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