Notes on Bill Cosby: What Every Father Should Tell His Daughters

The rumors continue to be rehashed in the media that Bill Cosby allegedly raped and drugged various women decades ago. As I have written before, I have no idea whether the stories are true or not.

I know two women that at various times were in close contact with Cosby. One was very attractive, the other was a cover girl model. It would have been very easy for Cosby to make a move on either one of them, he didn’t.

There are a few lessons that can be learned from the coverage of the Cosby rumors. First, this round started in the comedy circuit and then was blown out of proportion by the left wing media.

It is important to know that a lot of comedians younger than Cosby don’t like him. He criticized them for using foul language in their routines. This has now backfired on him big time.

Some years back I heard a black comedian, possibly Chris Rock, I forget. He put Cosby criticism in his routine. It went like this:[amazon asin=B00005J740&template=*lrc ad (right)]

He told the audience that he was concerned when it seemed Cosby had singled out him out for using foul language in his comedy act. He said that he was so concerned about it that he called Richard Pryor to get his advice on it.

Pryor asked him: “Are people coming to your shows?”

Rock (or whoever it was) said “Yes.”

Pryor: “Are they paying to see you  perform?”

Rock: “Yes.”

Pryor: “Are they laughing when you tell your jokes?”

Rock: “Yes.”

Pryor: “Well then, fuck Bill Cosby.”

This signaled to the lower rung comedians that Cosby was an approved target  by the comedic hierarchy.

The comedian Hannibal Buress, last week, switched up and stopped using a BB gun against Cosby and used a bazooka, calling him a rapist, because of the old allegations.

Coupled with a poorly structured tweet campaign by Cosby’s PR team that backfired, the left mainstream media used the non-events to rehash the allegations because it is a great way to attack the family nucleus as evil–as if an actor on a television show defines the general definition of the nuclear family.

And they probably have been successful to a degree in their attack. There are probably many black men who looked up to Cosby as a role model because of the character he portrayed in his family sitcom. To those men I say, keep in mind there is a difference between the message and the messenger. The message was very good, no question.[amazon asin=B001O54NLW&template=*lrc ad (right)]

But let’s look at the charges themselves against Cosby, which would be very difficult for the general public to judge. Being the high profile actor that he is, I guarantee you women are throwing themselves at Cosby every day.

Women who want to get into acting are pretty desperate. There are beautiful women landing at LAX everyday. Because they are likely the prettiest girl in their small towns, they think they will be discovered within 6 weeks, 8 max. Not going to happen. Often, if they stay in Hollywood, they decided they will do anything to get a movie break.

I have seen this on the periphery.

One night in Hollywood, I was with a money manager friend at Skybar, where the waitresses are extremely beautiful and are all there hoping to be “discovered,” by the actors, agents, directors and producers who pass through from time to time. At the time, one of my clients was a Hollywood production company. I tended to keep this on the down low, but my buddy told the two girls that were waiting on us that I was “producing movies.” Perhaps because I tried to play it down, the girls sensed there was some genuineness to the story and they pretty much spent the rest of the night waiting on us and hanging with us and ignoring all their other customers to the point that the other customers finally realized that the only way they were going to get service was to come over to where the two waitresses were with us.

My buddy and I eventually decided to move on. I got the girl’s numbers (and I did actually get a bit role for one of the girls) but to understand what the environment was like when we were still there and after the girls learned I was “a movie producer,” and this is a bit crude, but it gets it right, my buddy said to me when we were leaving, “Do you realize either one of those two would have given you a blow job right then and there?” These girls are beautiful but desperate.

Another time, I ended up at a table with Oliver Stone and the former football player/actor Jim Brown. It was at the restaurant Asia de Cuba, which is next to Skynar. I have pretty good game, but it is really something else sitting at a table with these two guys. You don’t have to say anything. If you are sitting with Oliver Stone, that’s enough for some of the most beautiful girls in the world to throw themselves your way. Amazing.

I have a good friend who is a character actor. Almost exclusively television and a name that you would never recognize. When I pass through Los Angeles, I often have dinner with him and he is usually accompanied by 5 or 6 of the most exotic women on the planet all hoping that this character actor is going to be the key to their being discovered. It’s nuts.

In other words, if Cosby was looking for action, it would not be difficult for him to find, NOT AT ALL. And most Hollywood girls are not naive. That said, I guess, Cosby could be a very strange dude who gets his kicks off of somehow tricking girls. But I have yet to find one naive girl in Hollywood, never mind 13, the number that have come forward and made charges against Cosby.

Which brings me to my final point. The Mafia boss John Gotti once told his daughter that she should always be careful around men. He said, “They may look fatherly to you or like an uncle, but they all have only one thing on their mind.” And that is good advice for any father to give his daughters, a girl should never put herself in a position where a man can take advantage. In other words, never be alone in a room with a man unless you don’t have a problem sleeping with him. It will solve this so-called “date rape crisis.” It will stop it cold and it would have prevented any problems that these girls allegedly had with Cosby.

Dads the ball really is in your court.

Reprinted with permission from Target Liberty.