Get a Load of the Great Father Over There!

“To those of you who voted, I hear you,” Obama said in a public post-election whine-fest. To those who didn’t vote, the Great Father says, “I hear you too.” Oh, really? The Great Father hears us? Oh, isn’t that grand? How genuinely touching that the leader of our representative republic, such as it is, claims he will listen to the people! But will he? Is our Great Father truly going to listen? Au contraire!

“Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how our democracy works,” Obama said at a news conference Wednesday. Uh, no, Great Father. That’s not how a democracy works. That’s how a dictatorship with a puppet-show parliament works. However, we’re not really a true democracy. We’re a constitutional representative republic and the Senate and Congress are elected to represent the people. If the Congress speaks for the people and you say you won’t abide by the will of the people, then you are not “hearing” them at all. You’re saying you’re going to do what you personally want to do and to heck with checks and balances. That’s what a dictator does, not en elected representative of the American people. You know, Great Father, in the very beginning of your presidency, people were accusing you of being a possible dictator. I am seeing they were right all along.

The Republicans garnered at least seven U.S. Senate seats and shock-trooped their way to a House majority of historic levels, giving them full control of Congress. The Great Father explained this away, saying the results are due to a frustration with Washington “dysfunction.” As if this was some embarrassing personal problem instead of a rejection of him and his failed ideas. “They want us to get the job done,” Obama said. Well, Great Father, ain’t no use in complaining, when you’ve got a job to do. But, indeed, the Great Father will get the job done—now. While he still can. And he isn’t wasting any time, either. Nor do the incoming Republicans (or the American people) have the power they think they do, nor can they stop him. The Great Father has just said that ultimate power resides in him. If anyone thinks this is not so, it is a serious mistake.

“Before the end of the year, we’re going to take whatever lawful actions that I can take…”, the Great Father said. Hmmm…”we” are going to take whatever lawful actions “I” can take. We know who the “I” is, Great Father, but exactly who the “we” is in that equation remains to be seen. What he is talking about here is stopping the deportation of illegal aliens, er, undocumented workers. He said he still wants Congress to pass legislation to stop the deportations, but wants to check into “what we can do lawfully through executive actions” in the meantime. In other words, what dictatorial actions he can take and then cloak with an executive action fig leaf. He promised that if Congress passes a bill he digs, it would make any executive actions “go away.” But, of course, we know the Great Father’s promises are worth their weight in gold, don’t we? Basically what the Great Father is saying there is that he doesn’t have much time to abuse his authority and misuse the power on executive orders. He’s also extorting what he wants out of the Congress by saying they better be his puppet parliament or he’ll do what he wants anyway. Here, he just told the American people he will act on his own authority to do what he wants (which is not what the people want) and damn you all if you don’t like it. This is the Great Father at his finest. Defeat brings out the best in some people. In others, it brings out the worst.

Thus, the Great Father is saying he wants to stop deportation of illegal aliens, excuse me, undocumented workers, using an executive order. “I have no doubt that there will be some Republicans who are angered or frustrated by any executive action that I may take,” sayeth the Great Father in a post-election news conference. “Those are folks, I just have to say, who are also deeply opposed to immigration reform, in any form, and blocked the House from being able to pass a bipartisan bill.” No, Great Father, it isn’t just “the Republicans”, it’s the American people who are opposed to amnestying some several million illegal aliens. This issue is a topic for another day. But the American people have spoken and said they want border security and the law enforced and Obama is saying no. That’s the “job” the American people told him they want him to do, not “immigration reform”. And what’s the Great Father’s plan on how best to respond to the will of the people? “The best way, if folks are serious about getting immigration reform done, is going ahead and passing a bill and getting it to my desk. And then the executive actions that I take go away,” he said. Not so fast, Great Father! You’ve already said Congress will send some bills you cannot sign. So, this is another lie. If Congress doesn’t send you a bill that would basically be the same if you wrote it yourself, you’ll veto that and then write one yourself in actuality via an executive order.

The Great Father is already saying he needs an expansion of war powers. Who didn’t see that one coming? Quick! Before the Republicans get here! Give me more power to kill people! Gee, Great Father, don’t you think they’ll be on board with killing people? Remember Iraq? But what the Great Father is afraid of is that they’ll demand a vote on those war powers and want Congressional oversight and control. They’ll want to know what the actual goals are and probably that toppling Assad can’t be part of the plan. The Great Father wants the keys to the family tank without so much as driver’s education or a learner’s permit. The Great Father’s goal of toppling Assad remains, despite his waffling when asked about that. I also wouldn’t put it past the Great Father to send ground troops over to Syria and stick the Republicans with that tar baby of a war. With various militias over there switching sides at will, a ground war in Syria would become a deathtrap for any U.S. forces sent over. These militias are not fuelled by a ridiculous foreign policy few would willingly die for. They’ve got people swarming in from all over the planet more than willing to die for their beliefs. They actually have a goal, whereas the U.S. doesn’t even know what a goal is.

If he starts a ground war in Syria before January, he can make the Republican-majority Congress vote on funding the continuation of it after January. If they balk at the spending, guess what that makes them look like? Right! They don’t support the troops. Exit strategy? What exit strategy? Will the Russians be cool this? Will Assad “accidently” get toppled? What will the Russians think of that? What if Iran intervenes with more than Hezbollah? The Great Father is playing a very foolish game here. Why? It is very obvious. Arrogance, fuelled in no small part by the celebrity status bestowed upon him via his personality cult. This is how disastrous wars start. The Great Father has not been embarrassed, reigned in, defeated, or chastised by the American voters, as much as they wish to believe this to be so. He has been angered. And everyone better watch out. Quick! Everyone look busy! Here comes the Great Father!

The Great Father is also already seeking $6.2 billion dollars to fight Ebola, a great deal of which will be sent over to Africa where I am certain it will all be accounted for to the last penny. And he needs it right now. Oh, of course! We’ve already sent thousands of troops over there, now we need to send billions of dollars. At what point does this spending spree and non-stop flow of cash pipelined overseas stop? The Great Father spends like Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. He wants to get this money before the newly-elected Congress and Senate Republican majority can say no, or limit its use to the United States alone. We’ve not seen so much as a sticky-note as to what this money would be used for and what the plan to stop Ebola would be. But let’s go ahead and throw billions of dollars at the problem before the Republicans can stop it. Given that Ron Klain, the newly-minted Ebola czar, was the bagman for the Obama stimulus money, we can be sure the money will disappear down various Solyndra-esque gopher holes.

Now, the message sent by the voters was that they are not at all amused by the way the Great Father handled ISIS, Syria, Ebola, border security, and illegal aliens. So, they told (so they thought) the Great Father they wanted an end to his shenanigans on those issues. Every exit poll reflected this. So what did the Great Father do? What will he do? The exact opposite of what the people said they wanted. As I said, he hasn’t heard anyone at all. If anything, he was angered by people not fawning all over him and his failed policies. So he is lashing out and doing the opposite to demonstrate to the American people that he is in charge, not them. The voters sent a message but now he is sending his own. If you thought “The Decider” was a tyrant, wait til you get a load of this guy!

The voters got their “I Voted” stickers and whistled in the graveyard, thinking that they have a voice in government. But the Great Father just told us all that he still has ultimate power through executive orders. Sure, send bills to his desk. He’ll veto them. Write bills he likes, or he’ll write his own with executive orders. Give him more “emergency” war powers, give him more money. Where have we heard an elected leader asking for more “emergency” powers before? This is not a president, this is a dictator. That’s why he keeps reminding us Assad is a dictator. It takes one to know one.