Murder Conviction and Sentence of Jodi Arias May Be History

Phoenix, AZ—A major time-bomb of sorts is waiting to go off in the courtroom of Judge Sherry Stephens.  This is in the form of a motion that would remove the death penalty from consideration due to serious misconduct.  The shenanigans and misconduct of cops and prosecutors in this case has grown to fill a massive book.

Judge Stephens lost all control of the the Jodi Arias case from day one.  Stephens has simply turned a blind eye to the misconduct that allowed this murder trial to become one of the more infamous judicial circuses since the Salem Witch Trials.

The latest stunt revealed today was that Mesa police detective Estaban Flores unlawfully shared confidential and court sealed information with his wife.  She in turn allegedly uploaded outrageous videos containing some of the information onto YouTube in [amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]efforts to incite public opinion against Arias.

Ultimately, if this is true, Estaban’s police career and peace officer certification is history.  He and his wife probably will now be facing criminal charges brought by an appointed special prosecutor.

As for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office,  it seems that they have from the beginning chronically and deliberately obstructed Arias’ right to a fair trial.

Everything from withholding evidence, witness tampering, and obstructed communication with the Arias defense team has taken place.  Of course who could forget the grandstanding circus Ringmaster, prosecutor Juan Martinez signing autographs for his infatuated female court watching fans.

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