A Genuine Opinion of the UK/US Airport Ebola Checks: Bwhahahahahaha


I have just watched the news…full of the Ebola checks that are going to be implemented at Heathrow airport. Apparently nobody is going to try and enter via Gatwick and the Eurostar terminal until next week when the screening starts. The government has it on good authority that nobody will try to gain entry at any other airports and therefore no screening has been set up elsewhere.

People flying from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be identified by Border Force officers.

Nurses and consultants from Public Health England will then carry out the actual screening.

Passengers will have their temperatures taken, complete a risk questionnaire and have contact details recorded.

Anyone with suspected Ebola will be taken to hospital.

Passengers deemed to be at high risk due to contact with Ebola patients, but who are displaying no symptoms, will be contacted daily by Public Health England. (source)

Presumably by hospital they mean the hastily cobbled together, hope we don’t need to use them facilities, that will supplement our 4 level four bio-containment beds.

What a waste of effing time, money and effort considering that according to Wikipedia we have this many international airports.

We are getting to the point where anyone who has the money to do so is going to leave West Africa. A mass migration is in the offing and we are relying on honest answers to ‘appropriate questions’ Nothing can go wrong there then.

We are facing a global pandemic of a disease that has no cure, that seems to be spreading with far more ease than the ‘experts’ would like us to believe, that is infecting fmany health care workers even though they are in full Hazmat gear, and the government is asking a few questions at a single airport.

The United States is not doing any better. A similar system has been implemented at Five US airports over the last week. I haven’t counted how many international airports are on this Wikipedia list, but there’s a hell of a lot more than five.

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