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As every devout student of history knows, dictators have always built “personality cults” around themselves to the point of virtual deification. Josef Stalin was a famous example of this with photos, paintings, statues, and depictions of him sprinkled across the USSR like black pepper upon a baked potato. And, to be sure, most personality cult portraits of various Dear Leaders and Comrades are accompanied by sickeningly-syrupy slogans and catchphrases that extoll the alleged virtues of the tyrant and his silly ideas. In a personality cult, be it based around a political leader or charismatic religious figure, the serious mistakes of the leader are vehemently denied and/or laid at the feet of other people. We are not immune to this distasteful phenomena here in the Untied, er, United States, either. We don’t have a Dear Leader, but we do have a Great Father and he builds his own personality cult of equal proportions in many cases. To demonstrate this, let’s examine a recent fundraiser (one of many such soirees) that the Great Father graced with his magnificent presence and much swooning took place.

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow, hosted a fundraiser for the Democratic Party in her home in Brentwood, California, a well known haven [amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]of the poor, downtrodden masses the Democrats represent, we can be certain. The Great Father himself showed up to this event! Bravo! Encore! What was said and transpired at this event is the stuff that one generally expects at party functions of zany dictators given to outlandish uniforms and authorship of bizarre books offering wacky advice on life and other difficult situations. Paltrow was evidently overcome with admiration and emotion, according to the press. She said of the Great Father, that is, President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly!” Now, among most rational people, such a comment would be followed by the passing out of air sickness bags. Perhaps they’re all being used right now for flights out of Liberia. Be that as it may, such sycophantic praise is usually found in countries that have leaders wearing hats with the diameter of political fundraiser dinner platters. One’s looks have no bearing on one’s aptitude as a leader. However, in a personality cult, the more flamboyant the leader, the better the alleged admiration of the masses that can be built around him. Hence, the outlandish uniforms, unusual headgear, odd haircuts, and so forth. Or it can be right the opposite with nicely tailored suits and alleged handsomeness, which the media will continually gush about so that no one forgets. Hey, he hasn’t actually done anything especially noteworthy of honest praise, but he’s a snappy dresser and, gosh, he looks swell! But it was another remark that, unintentionally, provided an important window into this personality cult that people should take note of.[amazon asin=0974925381&template=*lrc ad (right)]

At the $15,000 per plate fundraiser, Paltrow said, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.” This is a very dangerous train of thought, to say the least, and a phrase every lover of true liberty should pay attention to. For starters, does anyone see the mention of “the American people” in that sentence? No, what we see is mention only of this man, that being President Obama. It appears that what the American people want is irrelevant in the light of what the Great Father wants. Not only that, but his star-studded entourage, evidently, fully supports giving dictatorial power to the Great Father. How can it be otherwise interpreted? Look at the statement again. It calls on everyone to give this man all—all—of the power that he needs to do whatever he feels he needs to do. Also pay attention to the use of the word “power”. Not a consensus, not permission, not the consent of the people, but power. Power wielded by him, so that he (not the Congress or the people) can pass the things that he needs to pass. Such as what? Another war? Now, if I had a time machine, I could go way out on a limb and say that this very thing was probably said of a certain someone after the Reichstag Fire. This is the hallmark of a true personality cult. The needs of the people aren’t considered, but rather, what should be done is to give power (all of the power) to the leader to do what he needs to do[amazon asin=B00AWH595M&template=*lrc ad (right)] regardless of what everyone else actually wants. Because the leader is perfect, knows all, sees all, never has made mistakes and never will. The Great Father Knows Best Show! Brought to you by Hollywood! Who are busy raising money to see that this happens and telling the Great Father they want to give him all of the power he needs. And the Great Father sat there, smiling, hearing this. In fact, the Great Father said, “I’m taking her to the next event.” Oh, I’m certain. How could one do otherwise with such award-winning performances to support the Great Father?

Now, of course, this is being said of electing a rubber-stamp hall of so-called representatives that will go along with the Great Father regarding his failure-prone ideas. But I am looking again to the use of the word “all”. Giving this one man “all of the power” he needs. Not the American people, but him. Now, the president is not supposed to be a dictator that does as he pleases. He is supposed to represent the American people. It isn’t supposed to be about what he wants, needs, or feels. It’s about doing what the American people want. Giving him more power isn’t the solution, it’s a dangerous milepost on the road to tyranny. In fact, the president needs less power. Such as restricting his use of the military, for one thing. We have given entirely too much power to the Great Father already and look what he’s done with it. Rather than the promise of peace, finally, after the end of the Cold War, we’ve been in a constant state of [amazon asin=B00FVU5VJE&template=*lrc ad (right)]undeclared wars ever since. Think about that. We have now had four Great Fathers that have each started undeclared wars or used military force (i.e. killing people he doesn’t like) for 24 years now. If the war against ISIS and other to-be-announced ruffians lasts the projected thirty years some say, the constant state of warfare will begin to eclipse the Cold War in duration. And what have we achieved with that? Nothing beyond senseless death. Hollywood liberal celebrities all claim to be anti-war, yet right here they wish to give the Great Father “all the power” he needs to do whatever he wishes, to include starting more wars as he already has. Why? Because they are in worship of the Great Father, establishing a personality cult based around him, and blinded to the truth by their own adulation of him.

These personality cults are a dangerous precedent for the American people. We are not electing presidents anymore, we are electing political dynasties not altogether different from that of North Korea. We have had the Clinton Dynasty as seen in the presidency of Bill Clinton, which is where the Democrats first dusted off the JFK “Camelot” personality cult of the “young, idealistic” Great Father. Where is the evidence of this dynasty? Hillary Clinton ran for president but got the door-prize of a position within the Obama (yet another “young, idealistic” Great Father) Administration, which she has now fled from. More to the point, it is said she plans to run for president again, thus cementing the Clinton Dynasty of a husband and wife ruling family should she win. We have had the Bush Dynasty of a [amazon asin=B005S28ZES&template=*lrc ad (right)]father-son ruling family stocked with Reagan Administration retreads. Yet another Bush may run for president this next time also. How very retro Roman! People need to pay attention to this phenomena. We are establishing a country where politically-connected families, and not the people, run the nation. Each family is a personality cult in and of itself. People hang on to catchphrases these families parrot and books that they write, which is also not altogether different from the phrases and books of various dictators spread about for their people to hold up as “truth”. Indeed, the posters of the Obama campaign, plastered with the words “Hope” and “Change” were not that dissimilar from the propaganda posters of the former Soviet Union. If anyone cannot see the establishment of personality cults and ruling dynasties within this country, they have not been paying attention or are being taken in by these personality cults and dynasties. Not only that, but we have the same people running for president over and over again, as evidenced by both John McCain and Mitt Romney whose personality cults continue to march onward. It is already being asked if Romney will run for president yet again. Sarah Palin remains in the news to this day, with her own personality cult. One would think that, perhaps, they should get frequent flier miles for such self-serving ambition.

In closing, the statement that the Great Father needs more power is dangerous at best, and fatal to freedom at worst. The Great Father already has too much power, as evidenced by his being able to use military power upon his “says so”. In fact, the Great Father needs less power, not more. The keys to the aircraft carrier need to be taken away from him, because he is too drunk (with power) to drive. Naming aircraft carriers after the Great Fathers is yet another example of the personality cults being created around these individuals. I’d have more respect for a USS Anchovy than some Great Father being immortalized and practically deified like a Roman emperor. The message sent by these aircraft carriers is clear: The Great Father is coming to punish you for your insults to his magnificence. But this is where we find ourselves right now and we can be sure that, soon, the Great Fathers will erect statues of themselves in Washington DC while they are still in office. Indeed, Washington DC is already a distasteful display of various monuments to each Great Father, his exploits, his wars, and his power. That’s not enough immortality, of course, so these monolithic, gaudy displays of narcissism  are also depicted on our coins and currency with portraits of the Great Fathers and their monuments. Therefore, you can carry the personal altar to the worship of the State and the Great Fathers everywhere you go and genuflect before it with every purchase. Hollywood celebrities will continue to clamor for the roles playing various Great Fathers in movies, as they always have. And there will be little difference between theater and politics, for there is hardly any difference now anyway. Which is how and why Hollywood celebrities have now become political figures despite the fact that they should stick to what they know, that being acting. Celebrities belong in our political system in the same way porcupines belong in a balloon factory. Perhaps we have Ronald Reagan to thank for this, an actor that became president and, thus, setting the stage for it, if you’ll pardon the pun. How does the story end? With the death of liberty. End of story, roll credits, cue theme song. Unless the American people get up in the middle of the poorly-made movie and demand their money back.