The Iodoral Shortage

I have been besieged by questions about Iodoral. Iodoral is made by Optimox. Full disclosure: I have never had any financial interest in Optimox or any company that manufactures or supplies iodine.

Here’s the story as I know it. Sometime over the summer, Optimox ceased production of Iodoral due to maintenance on their equipment. As would be expected, shortages of Iodoral developed.

Unscrupulous people and companies began selling Iodoral for hundred’s of dollars over the true retail value. They should be shunned for taking advantage of patients at a time of need. Please, do not purchase products from people who have charged outrageous amounts for Iodoral.

However, there is no need to panic as iodine is readily available.  The old standby is Lugol’s solution—it is still available. I have recommended 5% Lugol’s solution for well over 10 years. This is what I have written about in my book. I recommend 5% Lugol’s solution which provides 6.25mg of a combination of iodine and iodide per drop.

I have tested two other brands of tableted iodine and found them to be good products. Lugol Tabs from Hakala Nutritionals and Iodozyme HP from Biotics Research have both tested well. Both companies are (IMHO) ethical and strive to put out excellent products. I cannot recommend their products enough. Full disclosure: I have no financial interest in either company.

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