Back to College Wardrobe From 1948

“Back to College Wardrobe”From Pic Magazine, Sept. 1948

At home on the campus


Your clothes for college will fall into four general categories: class and campus, sportswear, dress-up suits, and formal wear. Despite sectional modifications, a well-planned, basic school wardrobe will cover these classifications, as illustrated below.

Odd jackets and slacks are worn at colleges from coast to coast and will be your everyday campus uniform. Shetland type tweeds, corduroy and camel’s hair are popular for sports jackets. If you’re going to school in the south you can substitute gabardine, linen, seersucker or cotton cord. Tiny House Floor Plans... Janzen, Michael Best Price: $11.35 Buy New $18.95 (as of 10:20 EDT - Details)

Slacks worn in the east are mainly in flannel and natural color covert; in the west, gabardine, flannel, corduroy, and tropicals; in the mid-west, tweeds, flannel, covert, and gabardine; in the south, tropicals, corduroys, covert, gabardine and light weight flannel.

Suits worn at eastern universities have narrow shoulders and are straight-hanging, with little waist suppression. In the mid-west, broad-shouldered suits are preferred, with full chest. In the west, college clothing goes casual, the California influence being apparent in long point collar shirts, leisure jackets and cardigans. In the south you’ll need gabardine, cotton cord or seersucker suit. Summer formals are worn — white jacket and black trousers.

At schools in or near snow bowls, ski clothing is worn on campus and for class wear. At many western schools typical cowboy clothing is worn off campus.

In addition to your clothing, don’t overlook such important equipment as a reliable pen and pencil set, pipes, a lighter, electric razor, typewriter and luggage. Also a framed picture of your best girl and the folks at home.

Choose an upper classman’s suit


These suits might impress even the dean. Advantage of choosing a tweed or flannel, as these are, is that the jackets and trousers may be combined with odd jackets and slacks. With the herringbone tweed suit, a sleeveless pullover, striped bowtie, Argyle hose and wing-tip brogues. With the flannel suit, a spread collar shirt, crochet knit tie, Norwegian peasant slippers and porkpie hat. Both outfits have an authentic college flavor.

When it’s an important date


For fancy cutting-up you’ll want a dress-up suit. Your best bets are the plain blue doublebreasted worsted suit seen at the left, or a Glen plaid as worn by the college man of distinction at the right. Conservative pattern or striped ties, spread and regular collar shirts, white pocket handkerchiefs, give a distinctly town effect to clothing you’ll need for dress wear.

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