Essential Fats – You Need Them!

Essential Fats are vital to our health. They help regulate body chemistry at every level. All cells in our bodies use fats as part of the membrane that lets the right things in and keeps the wrong things out. Good fats also help keep tissues lubricated and supple. Most people are deficient in good fats because they are not present in the typical American diet, and the types of fats that are present in typical diets actually block the action of good fats. Good fats are also depleted by eating too much refined grain – particularly wheat and corn.Bad fats are known for increasing inflammation, increasing cholesterol, increasing blood clotting, and disrupting hormone balances. Good fats help decrease inflammation, decrease cholesterol, decrease blood clotting and balance hormones. Here is a list of symptoms of essential fat deficiency: New Chapter Fish Oil S... Best Price: null Buy New $33.74 ($0.28 / Count) (as of 03:05 EST - Details)

– Joint or muscle pain

– Auto-Immune Disease

– Chronic Headaches

– Muscle Cramping

– Glaucoma

– Popping or cracking in ears or tinnitis

– Depression and anxiety

– Learning disabilities


– Dry skin

– Dry eyes

– Rough skin on upper arms and/or thighs that resembles chicken skin Defy Your Doctor and B... Sarah Cain Corriher Best Price: $10.38 Buy New $28.00 (as of 01:05 EST - Details)

– Psoriasis or eczema

– Dry or brittle hair

– Acne

– Aging spots

– Epilepsy or narcolepsy

– Problems swallowing NOW Supplements, Virgi... Buy New $8.59 (as of 10:45 EST - Details)

– Slow growth

– Some allergies

If you have any of these symptoms, consider supplementing a good quality essential fat. Fish oils and flax seed oil are the best sources. A high quality oil will be the correct form and will be free of mercury and other contaminants. Some of the cheaper oils will not be tested for metals and are left in a form the body cannot easily use.Essential fats are just that – essential to your health.

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