Saudi Arabia Is Now Openly Desperate To Stop ISIS

The King of Saudi Arabia proclaimed openly to the world the other day that the  U.S. and Europe now face serious threats of attacks from ISIS.

He did not actually use any of the names of ISIS, but it was perfectly obvious from what  he said that he is talking about them.

I  have pointed out many times that the evidence we have, while by no means definitive, indicates the U.S. encouraged the Saudis and other Persian Gulf sheiks to help fund the Sunni guerrilla armies fighting the Shia Syrian government and they did so. ISIS emerged as the very dominant Sunni guerrilla army in that cataclysm and now controls much of what was Syria and Iraq, including the vital borders in the South with Saudi Arabia and Jordan. I argued it is extremely likely that many of the Islamists of Saudi Arabia, especially the state supported Wahabis, secretly support the ISIS Jihadists because of their vast success against the West and Shia and similar ideologies. Because of this and their past relations and close proximity, it is likely that ISIS has close, secret relations with Saudi security forces which are probably divided in their allegiance to the Saudi monarchy, which is generally loathed by all serious Muslims.

I also argued that the leaders of ISIS, like those of al-Queda at all times, know that the Persian Gulf oil is the blackgold mine they need to build a Sunni Caliphate such as ISIS has proclaimed already. And they know that oil is the lifeline of the European and much of the world’s economy.[amazon asin=B00N71YJQU&template=*lrc ad (right)]


IF they attack the U.S. or Europe, they will be far more severely counter-attacked and murdered, as al-Queda discovered.

IF ISIS can combine with Sunni enemies of the totally corrupt Saudi monarchy hidden within the heart of Saudi Arabia, ISIS might well be able to seize control of this blackgold heaven they need to rule the Sunni Mid-East.

Saudi Arabia is now wide awake to the danger and is trying desperately to get the U.S. and Europe to attack ISIS in extreme ways to draw ISIS away from Saudi Arabia and end their rush to power in the Middle Eastern Sunni world..

I don’t think ISIS is going to be fooled. I suspect they are more determined today than yesterday that Saudi Arabia is the right target for them.

IF ISIS and internal forces in Saudi Arabia can make a quick lunge into the rich oil basin region and seize control of it, the vast firepower of the U.S. may be useless because the firepower or ISIS could destroy the facilities and much of the oil for many years to come IF the  U.S. attacks in force. It has long been rumored that Saudi Arabia has the richest oil basin mined for instant destruction if anyone attacks to seize it intact. IF that  happened, the EU and U.S. would crash financially because of the increase in oil prices and ISIS would be safer when it retreated to Iraq and Syria and beyond….

I suspect the  U.S. military leaders understand this situation in roughly these terms and is using the Media Lies of the “ISIS THREAT TO AMERICA” to get public support for another huge war in the Middle East to stop ISIS.

ISIS can attack Europe or the U.S. but that is a stupid way of committing suicide, as bin Laden discovered. IF ISIS leaders are as knowledgeable and intelligent as I fear from their actions they are, they will lunge for the Persian Gulf lifeline of Europe and the U.S. which is tied to Europe in general [more than to the Persian Gulf oil and gas directly].

Make your bets! And watch and learn from the fiery cataclysms of hatred and warfare…