Libertarian Thought Is Rapidly Winning Hearts and Minds

Lew Rockwell has just shown how the New York Times and other Republicran media belittle the rapidly growing impact of serious Libertarian thinkers and actors on America and beyond and shows that a large and growing minority of serious people in America are thinking seriously about the ideas and goals of Libertarianism.

In short, the best and brightest of Americans are awaking more and more to the catastrophes of the System and to the realistic and moral alternatives Libertarians have been proposing forcefully for centuries.

This is not yet clear even to most of the serious people waking up to Libertarian thought and action, both because of the Big Media belittling and blacking-out [censoring] of the serious Libertarian thought and action and because most of the Americans awaking to all of this still feel a need to hide their real thoughts and desires from the oppressive people who rule the System and might throw them down Big Brother’s Memory Hole along with Libertarian truths.[amazon asin=B00N71YJQU&template=*lrc ad (right)]

I recently had a splendid, scholarly talk with a brilliant businessman who is an important libertarian thinker but writes his libertarian works under a nom de plum, as dissidents living in police states of all forms have had to do for centuries to avoid getting black-balled or worse, possibly put on secret trial by Inquisitors or summarily disappeared.

I know many brilliant libertarians in business and the professions who choose to remain “in the closet” and pass as Demos or Repubs of the Republicrat Party, depending on which wing of the monopoly party is dominant in their lives.

This is quite obvious in worlds like finance where the Repubs are a strong monopoly and academic economics where, except for a few black-balled universities, the monopolists are Demos. [Decades ago I was at a libertarian conference where some of the people knew that I was a friend of an economist known by them to agree basically with Mises and Hayek, but as chairman of a major department  he hired econometric policy makers for the System. Some of them asked me suspiciously, as if I might be part of some conspiracy with him, WHY he did that? I told them he never told me, but I assumed it was because his academic bureaucracy career demanded it for money and status and he was not willing to sacrifice those for truth as they and I were doing, committing  academic “suicide” or “stateside” by being libertarians openly.][amazon asin=B003NX6YNI&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Most people still working in the vast U.S. System must make a living within the System and they know that being “stigmatized” as a libertarian will get them black-balled. They’re right. I could give you all kinds of examples of that from “elite universities” I knew from the inside. For example, I once presented the c.v. of a brilliant black sociologist specializing in the media with experience at the very top and lots of publications. They thought she sounded great. Then they read some things she had written and obviously realized she was not a “Real Black” (leftist). That killed her immediately for them. She was blacked out, not mentionable. That’s typical, but most get shot down in flames before any interest is shown. They see the tips of freedom thought and disappear that non-person into Big Brother’s Republicrat Sinkhole of Forgetfulness.

The best and brightest in America are waking up to the awful catastrophe of the System across the board from medicine and law and education and politics and finance and business to wars raging around the world.

In fact, most Americans, not just the best and brightest, want out of the Republicrat Warfare State and say so secretly to pollsters.

But most of the best and brightest lead double lives. They have to make a living in the System and want to avoid getting black-balled. So they “pass” as Republicrats. But more and more of them are heart-and-soul libertarians waiting for a better day.[amazon asin=130068240X&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Most of them “come out” when they retire, if they  have secure incomes. More and more are finding niches in the family farm back in North Dakota or build a niche in the hill country south of Austin or in N. California or….

Then they can come out as honest, whole, integrated human beings devoted to freedom in full public view.

They see the System is rapidly destroying itself. The whole world is still mired in a Black Financial Hole because of the U.S.  Fed System Implosion at the top eight years ago. Serious people can disagree over whether the Systme will Implode, as I have argued for many years, or will Crash and be rebuilt without an implosion. But most of the best and brightest in all walks of life know The System is on code-blue and destroying itself. They are more and more desperate to find escapes for the day when the final count-down ends and Financial Armageddon begins. They already see the U.S. starting and fueling vast, cataclysmic warfare worldwide from Drug Wars to guerrilla armies and coups and….

Lew Rockwell and all of us who write libertarian essays or books get heart-felt letters all the time from bright and good people hiding out all over America who tell us how wonderful it is to find out they are not really alone.[amazon asin=0990463109&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Most people do not know much about finance or economics or warfare and such things, but they understand and feel in their hearts and intuitive minds that the System is destroying itself and will come to an end soon and that Americans will return to their human and American roots and rebuild livable and fulfilling and self-sustaining worlds, just as the people of other totalitarian societies such as Nazi Germany and Communist Russia  have been doing once the System was destroyed from within or outside.

Milovan Djilas was a top Yugoslavian communist official who came to realize long before the communist System imploded that most of the intelligent “Marxist” officials in the communist world no longer really believed what they said and were simply lip-synching Marxist BS and hiding out and waiting. He was right. And when the System started imploding they were ecstatic and buried it very quickly and rebuilt their l;ives and nations.

Our System Implosion will probably be more financial and may be more painful, but we will return to the roots of our hearts and minds  and of our Libertarian [classical liberal] Constitutional roots of freedom.

People everywhere must have faith in the truths of their innermost hearts and minds, begin carefully to bear witness to those truths so that all people can hear and see them in real life and know they are not alone, and prepare to survive the System catastrophes or Implosion as it Crashes in a final flame out and then rebuild their lives on those firm foundations of realistic, shared, responsible freedoms and morals.