American Spartans?

There are very few Spartans in the American military forces. In fact, there are few who even know what a “Spartan” is these days. I think Americans today think a Spartan is a very dumb, show-off football player at USC who does back flips for the tv fans.

The real Spartans of the ancient world were like Russia’s Spetznetz forces today, lifers totally committed to fighting for their nation. More than 60,000 Ukrainian troops heavily armed and supplied by the U.S. just panicked and fled as soon as one of their Candy Leaders screamed, “The Russians are Coming.” There’s hardly a real Russian to be seen in the Ukraine and even the Candy King claims there are only 1,000, but his candy-assed “soldiers” panicked at the very thought of Russian Spartans.

The American Spartan Major who wrote the book about his experience in Afghanistan is one of the guys who takes hearts-and-minds seriously, the ancient way. The Russian Soviets did not do that when they went into Afghanistan by invitation of the Marxist government. Once the guerrilla forces, including bin-Laden and the Arabs he recruited with CIA money, got the Stingers, they blew away the Hinds and the Red Army fled home to help the USSR implode. The U.S. annihilated Afghanistan and lost all hearts and minds to start with, both there and in Pakistan. If the guerrillas had Stingers, the U.S. would have been blown away long ago.

Now the U.S. and Nato are messing with the Great Russian Bear and using 300 tea-drinking Brits to scare the Spetnetz Super Ops. A 10,000 Nato, multi-lingual dance team to invade Mother Russia and defeat millions of enraged The War Against Putin:... M. S. King Best Price: $3.19 Buy New $15.87 (as of 03:10 EST - Details) Russians and Spetznetz at the same time is funnier than anything Robin Williams ever did. It’s really intended to make little old ladies in Omaha feel proud and to invade small nations and put down freedom fighters, like Russians in the Ukraine, but that’s absurd as well. It’s only a nuclear trip-wire that could lead to the incineration of  America and Europe.

All of this U.S. and Nato Super BS they are throwing at Russia have forced Russia and China and all their allies and all nations who love freedom from global, imperial slavery to rapidly build up their military forces from Super Ops to intercontinental nuclear missiles. That 2,000,000,000 anti-American enraged  now join the 1,500,000, 000 Muslims enraged at the U.S. and 500,000,000 enraged Latin Americans from Mexico to Argentina and more land more Europeans secretly loathing the U.S. insanity that is pushing them into WWIV.

Insanity squared and Psychopathology Cubed! That’s the New Wisdom of America at the top! These bastards have sugar-candy for brains and are the most dangerous enemies of Americans and Europeans and human beings everywhere.