Tipping Point: Drudge Highlights Ebola

So, you haven’t bought your water filter yet.

You have been thinking about it. But you have hesitated. They aren’t cheap.

You plan to get prepared. One of these days.

Ebola stories have been nagging at you. Now this has happened: September 17, 2014.

WorldWarEAnd this.

DrudgeEbolaBerkey’s just hit paydirt.

Do I think a pandemic  is looming? No. Do I think it could be looming? Yes. Do I think millions of people have been waiting on the sidelines? Yes. Do I think that, at some point, 2% of the worriers are going to start buying preparedness products? Yes. That’s all it will take to clean the shelves. Just 2%.  Actually, 1% would do it. Big Berkey BK4X2 Count... Best Price: null Buy New $499.00 ($3.12 / oz) (as of 03:20 EST - Details)

Preparedness is a cottage industry. Cottage industries are tiny. Inventories are slim. Interest is minimal.

All it will take to clear the shelves in preparedness sites is for 10% of Mormons to think: “We really ought to do what we have been told to do.”

Do the words “out of control” have a snappy ring to them?

What about “better a month early than an hour late”?

What about “stock up, and rotate the inventory”?

Nobody wants to be the first person in line. But no one wants to be the last person in line.

There will be a series of tipping points. Drudge has just initiated one.

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