Toxic Vaccines and Autism, Part 2.

Dr. B,

Thank you for continuing to research and cover this topic with facts and evidence. I just gave my son his first dose of MMR at his four-year check up. The recent outbreaks of measles and his schooling have been the driving factors in our decision to get it done. His pediatrician swears there is no correlation whatsoever between vaccines and autism but I am still very concerned. After being treated by you for mercury toxicity, nobody in my family will ever get a flu shot.  However, the required/suggested vaccines to avoid childhood diseases are a different story. If mercury is not the direct cause of the autism development after MMR injections then what is it? I read part of Andrew Wakefield’s book (which is now being treated as rubbish) and would like your perspective on the correlation between the MMR vaccine and the diagnosis. Do you also feel this way about other childhood vaccines? As a parent I struggle with wanting to keep my children safe and healthy without polluting them in the process. Thoughts???



Hello Danielle,

Keep in mind that nearly everybody older than me (51  years young) had measles, mumps, and rubella.  They survived and perhaps had stronger immune systems for it.  The same holds true with chicken pox–nearly [amazon asin=B004N62HRQ&template=*lrc ad (right)]everybody my age and older had chicken pox–very few suffered with serious side effects.

Mercury is NOT in the MMR vaccine.  However, it is in the flu vaccine.  I do not believe that any living being should be injected with a toxic metal like mercury.

I do not believe that there is one single cause of autism; it is a multifactorial illness that could be the result of a toxic load that overwhelms that young immune system.  In the study that I previously blogged about (Translational Neurodegeneration, 2014) the scientist found a temporal association with autism; the earlier it was given, the more autism was found. This could certainly agree with my previous writings–that we should be cautious about injecting young children with too many toxic vaccines before the blood-brain barrier and the immune system are appropriately formed.

Around 2000, I was privileged to see Dr. Wakefield lecture to twenty physicians in a home near my house.  He presented his findings.  I studied his research in depth.  Dr. Wakefield’s research was sound.  At that time he found the measles virus in the lymph tissue of 12 autistic children.  The children were found to have autistic regression and gastrointestinal symptoms.  Dr. Wakefield’s research found the measles virus in the lymph tissue of the autistic children.  The children never had measles, they had the live MMR vaccine, which contained measles virus. Keep in mind that nearly all children with autism suffer with gastrointestinal problems.  Perhaps the MMR vaccine is the ‘final straw’ that precipitates the neurological decline seen in autism.

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