Nixon's Secrets

The Bay of Pigs, the JFK Assassination, Watergate and the Nixon pardon finally connected- and the dark secrets of Watergate are revealed.

In “Nixon’s Secrets” the blockbuster book by Roger Stone with Michael Colapietro…out August 11th from Skyhorse Publishing the dark secrets of these historic events are finally exposed, the light and dark side of Nixon exposed and analyzed.

Nixon’s Secrets Chronicles Nixon’s greatest triumphs, his bitter losses , his Spartan like discipline , meticulous preparation , hard work and resilience . Chart the rise and fall and rise of fall and final comeback of the most durable political leader  of the 20th Century- Richard Nixon

You will learn- – How  Nixon was rejected in his application to be an FBI agent.

-How Nixon exercised two hours every day and ate healthy before it was fashionable.[amazon asin=162914603X&template=*lrc ad (right)]

– How the Mob financed Nixon’s early campaigns as well as funding LBJ and JFK and Stevenson -how Nixon refused to make the affair of his opponent Congresswoman Helen Douglas with Lyndon Johnson an issue in the 1950 Senate Race.

-How the Bush family helped Nixon’s rise and how George Bush’s circle financed the Watergate break-in and how $100 bills found on the Watergate Burglars were traced to Texas through a Mexican Bank.

-How Nixon agreed to sabotage Earl Warren’s Presidential ambitions in return for the Vice Presidential nomination with Eisenhower

-How Nixon approved the Assassination of Fidel Castro but the CIA failed.

-How Nixon lost the famous 1960 debate with Kennedy and why JFK was high on meth.

-How Robert Kennedy bugged Nixon’s hotel room before a JFK-Nixon debate -How the Kennedys bugged the Republican National Committee and didn’t get caught[amazon asin=1629144894&template=*lrc ad (right)]

-How Jimmy Hoffa and the mob gave Nixon $1 million

-How Nixon’s shrink’s office was burglarized to steal his medical records

-How the 1960 race for President was stolen from Nixon in Chicago ……and Texas and how Kennedy running mate Lyndon Johnson did the stealing.

-How Nixon put the moves on Jackie Kennedy one night in 1953

-How a secret loan from reclusive industrialist Howard Hughes cost Nixon the California Governorship

-How Nixon knew who really killed JFK and why Nixon was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.[amazon asin=161608197X&template=*lrc ad (right)]

-Nixon’s secret meeting with LBJ- the day before Kennedy is murdered.

-How Nixon knew Jack Ruby…and who got Ruby on the US Congress payroll as an informant.

-How the death of John Kennedy revived the political career of Richard Nixon

-How the FBI spied on Nixon and a mysterious Asian woman Nixon had a relationship with  and how J. Edgar Hoover would use the photos to threaten Nixon .

-How Roger Ailes re-invented the ‘New Nixon” for Television

-How Dr. Henry Kissinger, a know Nixon hater working for LBJ, tipped Nixon off about LBJ’s surprise Vietnam Bombing Halt by passing the message to Nixon through Bill Buckley.

-How Nixon  used back channels to kill the Paris Peace Talks when LBJ called a bombing halt in Vietnam without concessions from the North Vietnamese in a effort to stop Nixon’s comeback bid. Liberals called it treason, [amazon asin=1936239906&template=*lrc ad (right)]Nixon called it politics.

-The mysterius role of Glamorous Chinese Dragon Lady Anna Chennault and her lover Sen. John Tower in getting the South Vietnamese to kill LBJ’s peace plan.

-How Nixon staged the greatest comeback in American Political history.

-How and Why  Nixon pressed the CIA for the Bay of Pigs records

-How removing the United States from the Gold standard was Nixon’s greatest mistake.

-How Nixon ended the war in Vietnam, desegregated public schools, protected the environment and launched the still unsuccessful war on drugs

-How close Nixon came to putting Arlen Specter on the US Supreme Court

– How Nixon opened the door to China and negotiated nuclear arms reductions over objections from the CIA and pentagon hard-liners and why the military spied on Nixon as President .[amazon asin=0804139210&template=*lrc ad (right)]

-How a CIA assassin admitted the CIA planned twice to assassinate Nixon in Miami as they had JFK in Dallas

-How John Dean conceived, planned, pushed and covered up Watergate break-in and lied to Nixon about it.

-What the Watergate burglars were really looking for -How at least four of the Watergate burglars were on the ground in Dallas when JFK was killed and involved in the Bay of pigs invasion

-How the CIA infiltrated and sabotaged the Watergate break-in

-Why Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Impeachment Staff for lying.

-How Nixon knew what Warren Commission member Gerald Ford had done to facilitate the JFK murder cover-up

– Why the media ignores other gaps in the Watergate tapes

-Why there is no Deep Throat and who really leaked to Bob Woodward

-Why White House Chief of Staff Al Haig joked Nixon was secretly gay

-How it was Haig, not Dean who took Nixon down.

-How Dr. Henry Kissinger covered up his own crimes and switched sides  to hide them.

-How Nixon was taken down by the CIA, Pentagon and his own top Aides after he refused to use American Power in the Middle East in a tilt to the Arabs.

– How Nixon saved State of Israel by projecting American power.

-Why Nixon had Ford by the balls and how Nixon got a deal for a pardon for his Watergate crimes before he resigned by holding Ford’s role as a member of the Warren Commission and the cover up of JFK’s murder.

-How Nixon sabotaged Ford’s re-election in 1976 – Nixon’s real view of George H. W. Bush and why Kissinger said  Bush was dumb.

-How Nixon and President Bill Clinton got together after Hillary Clinton repeatedly blocked Nixon from the Clinton White House and how America benefited


-What was said in the famous 18 ½ minute erasure in the White House Tapes