Which U.S. City will the Terrorists Hit Next?


Las Vegas?

The U.S. government created/transformed ISIS into a serious threat, just as it earlier created/transformed Al Qaeda into a serious threat.  Now, once again, the “terrorist threat” has suddenly become page 1 news again.  The American public has refused to get interested in another Mideast war, complicating things for the behind-the-scenes War Party, so it’s time to trot out the domestic threat again.

It depends on whether you believe the “domestic terrorist threat” (World Trade Center, etc.) is a U.S. government Black Flag (False [amazon asin=0801578329&template=*lrc ad (right)]Flag) operation to manipulate us into war, or truly a foreign terrorist operation.  The Black Flag position is the Mount Everest of conspiratorial theories, yet most polls show a minority of world opinion believes Al Qaeda was behind 9-11, and a majority of Americans have believed that Bush-Cheney were hiding the truth about the attacks.

If a Black Flag operation, almost any city in the U.S. makes sense.  Las Vegas would probably be the most spectacular place to do it, in terms of possibilities of mass casualties without seriously disrupting U.S. economic and war-making capabilities.

If truly a terrorist operation (which I doubt), Houston would make so much more sense than Chicago or Las Vegas or any of the other cities being mentioned.  A proper attack on the Houston refineries and Houston Ship Channel could deal a serious blow to the U.S. economy.  Yet I hardly ever hear Houston being mentioned, which is just another circumstantial reason I think the current scare campaign in the corporate media is led behind the scenes by the war plans and desires of the U.S. government.[amazon asin=0385278764&template=*lrc ad (right)]

A major attack on Houston, comparable to 9/11, would not even have to focus on Houston proper.  Focus on the refineries outside Houston and the Houston Ship Channel.  Closing the Ship Channel at its junction with the Texas City refineries, or around Pasadena-San Jacinto, would close the major oil port of the United States.  I would have to do some research to find out where the pipelines to the Northeast originate, so that would be another major consideration for a specific target.  (That is of some direct interest to me, since a major Houston pipeline ends in western Virginia, which is why my gasoline prices are the envy of visitors from D.C. or Baltimore.)

I don’t think the U.S. government is ready for such a serious economic threat, so I think Houston is relatively safe.  Any Black Flag operation is more likely elsewhere.  Who really cares if thousands of blackjack players get the ultimate 16 hand or Texas Holdem poker players draw the ultimate off-suit 7-2?   So beware, Las Vegas!