Soar Above the Clouds and Watch the Incredible Force of Nature From the Flight Deck of a B 737.

“Soar and rise” shows the force of nature and the challenge of flying under conditions of heavy rain, snow, low visibility, thunderstorms, contaminated runways, and more. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 737Channel, epic flights + epic music + breathtaking footage captured from the flight deck of a Boeing 737. The 737Channel brings aviation enthusiasts an insight to the airline world from a pilot’s perspective. You can now see what pilots see, as HD footage is captured in real life operations. Please feel free to comment and subscribe for upcoming videos.

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800W.

Footage: All footage with the amazing, super-high-quality Panasonic X920. (Unfortunately, there is a significant loss of quality when uploading here…)I own the copyright to the footage.

Audio track: “Something to believe in”, by Gabriel Shadid (Epic Score). I do not own the copyright to the music. No copyright infringement intended. This beautiful track is used only for the purpose of delivering an educative, entertaining audiovisual experience. You can support the composer by buying the track here:…

With special THANKS to the de-icing and ramp crews in YUL:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
City: Montreal   State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada   Continent: North America

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