Ron Paul Wanted to Tell You Himself!

Introducing Voices of Liberty

To Our Friends, and Friends of the Freedom Movement:

We are excited to announce Ron Paul Channel’s expansion into Voices of Liberty, Powered by Ron Paul. As Voices of Liberty, we further amplify the messages of the freedom movement through engaging videos and insightful news coverage. There are some major changes coming that will allow you to become an integral part of the movement by making your voice truly matter.

In addition to Ron Paul Channel programming you’re used to, Voices of Liberty will offer more video, audio and editorial from well-known champions of liberty as well as everyday citizens in the freedom movement. We are also producing new shows that offer valuable information you can use in your daily life — from learning and practicing your constitutional rights to the future of monetary policy, business and technology.

With your participation, Voices of Liberty will be the go-to social platform for liberty-minded people. As a project spearheaded by me and the Voices of Liberty team, we have the power to accomplish our goals. Together, we will challenge the status quo through staying informed on today’s most pressing issues and engaging in constructive discourse to develop actionable solutions to achieve the change the liberty movement demands.

The Internet has allowed the message of liberty to spread like wildfire and that’s why we believe the restoration of liberty has a real fighting chance. As a project spearheaded by me and the Voices of Liberty team, we have the power to accomplish our goals. And with your help, we will be a formidable voice that influences elections, strikes down useless legislation and promotes social awareness on the issues that matter most to us all.

We’ve had enough of the unjustified wars, unconstitutional surveillance, extrajudicial drone assassinations, the continual weakening of the dollar, draconian drug laws, and the outright lies and deceptive doublespeak spouted by politicians with clandestine agendas.

We want to provide a brighter future for generations to come by ending these trillion-dollar wars, restoring economic prosperity, instituting real government transparency and ridding our country of warrantless spying on our private communications, among many other things.

By continuing your support and actively participating in Voices of Liberty, you can help determine the fate of our great nation.

We eagerly look forward to working with you,

Ron Paul and the Voices of Liberty Team