Gorillas, Humans . . . and the NAP

Sometimes I entertain the thought that those who have awakened to the NAP are the leading cohort of what might be called a fifth turning – or more profoundly, perhaps they are an evolutionary great leap forward, analogous to the transition from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens. The conscious – and reasoned – rejection of aggressive violence is arguably that epochal, that profound.

Aggressive violence is ape-like, primitive. It is un-reason. The negation of reason. It is an animalistic outpouring. Those who deal with others this way are not really much more evolved than gorillas, even though they wear pants and brush their teeth. Keep in mind that gorillas can be trained to wear pants and brush their teeth.

But they cannot be taught to reason. 

On the other hand, refusing on principle to physically assault others (or threaten to) even when one could do so, in terms of having the advantage or the capacity to do so, is arguably the apotheosis of what it means to be fully human.

To be repelled – sickened – by the idea of raising a hand against another person. In the same way – and for much the same reason – that most people already abjure cannibalism, human sacrifice and chattel slavery.

Connect the dots… where does it all lead?

To acceptance of the idea that other people own themselves – and that you do not own anyone else. That every other person is as sovereign over his life as you are over yours. What does it imply? What follows from this?

Is it not obvious?

That it is wrong to impose your will on another. That it is vile to bare your fangs in threat display, to behave like a silverback.

That simply taking things or lording it over others because you can is what beasts of prey do – not what men do.


And once you do, there is no turning back. Awareness of the NAP is not unlike having knowledge of good and evil, as per the Adam and Eve story. Indeed, it is exactly that. Knowledge of good – and of evil. And once you do know – once one comes face to face with the NAP – you must decide on which side of the fence you stand. There is no more ambiguity. No more gray area. Either you embrace aggressive violence – or reject it.

There is no in-between. There can be no in-between.

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