U.S. Perfidy in Ukraine and WWIV

The Kiev government needs tens of billions of dollars in U.S. and E.U. aid, debt cancellations and loans to avoid bankruptcy and massive suffering of the Ukrainian people who have been stolen blind by the failed state run by the oligarchs, including the new Candy King president who has been one of the richest and most powerful oligarchs and ministers in both of the previously failed states that were ended by revolutions.

The U.S. and a few of its small E.U. puppets and the anti-Danish head of Nato are desperate to avoid becoming the Super Sugar Daddy to this failed state and the oligarchs who largely caused it to fail by robbing it.

But they are also desperate to use the Ukraine as a Media propaganda issue to get their ignorant publics to support their new WWIV against Russia, China and its many allies. They really want to end the soaring economic growth and power of these huge nations so  they cannot put an end to the U.S. Global Empire’s hegemonic control over the global currency [the dollar]. The U.S. Empire cannot survive without using dollar inflation to steal trillions of dollars from the whole world.

So the U.S. and its few little puppet supporters in the E.U. are obviously telling the new Ukraine Candy King president and his ministers that this vast financial life boat will NOT be available unless they keep slaughtering the ethnic Russians in New Russia and win the civil war.

The U.S. Emperor Obama just flew to the heartland of Russia’s enemy in Eastern Europe, Poland, to meet the Candy King to try to force him with dangled carrots and obvious threats of bankruptcy to increase the slaughter of the ethnic Russians in the manor cities bordering Russia.

The Candy King has immediately kow-towed to the Emperor Obama and launched far bigger bombing and strafing and artillery attacks on some of the ethnic Russian cities.

This increased slaughter of civilians and freedom fighters will gladden the hearts of the Emperor, the U.S. secret poiice armies and any politicians or military rulers who want WWIV or just enjoy seeing Russian people murdered.

But the Candy King knows, unless he is as ignorant as a bag of his candy, that the U.S. and its few obedient E.U. puppets have not actually promised the tens of billions he needs very quickly to avoid a bitter end to his failed state and society, the big states, most importantly Germany, want no WWIV with Russia and no Crimean Civil War and no massive give-aways. He knows they are simply trying NOT to speak the truth about all this to the Emperor and his obedient Big Media back home. France, remarkably enough, has just publicly said NO to eh Emperor’s fierce demand that France not live up to its sales contract with Russia for state of the art helicopter aircraft carriers. France has even just announced that they will train the Russian sailors to  operate the new carriers.

He also knows the New Russian freedom fighters are already remarkably effective in fighting the Ukrainian terrorist forces after only weeks of self-training, organizing and learning to use the weapons they have on  hand or can take off the bodies of Ukrainians or buy.

The Emperor has just promised direct U.S. military help to the Ukraine by training their military forces and police [no doubt secret police and fascist terrorists included]. The U.S. obviously already provides them with massive military intelligence information from satellites and EW [as it has done for puppet dictators for decades, including the Iraqis when they invaded Iran. ] The  U. S. probably already has quasi-private corporate Black Ops working secretly with the Ukrainians to train and lead them. And they will likely keep increasing the carrots to lure the Ukrainians into a terrible civil war.

IF the Candy King is very ignorant or the  U.S. has him secretly under full control of the secret police, as they no doubt have many of the dictators of the world, such as the new military dictator of Egypt, he may fall into the U.S. trap of total civil war, as the Sunni did in Syria.

I suspect the Europeans, the Russians and the New Russian freedom fighters and political leaders will be reminding him of the awful realities he faces–and he can see how the U.S. betrays even its most ardent terrorist allies when the U.S. no longer finds them useful, as he can see with the Sunnis in Syria right now.

I think he is trying to kow-tow to the U.S. demand for war with Russia by commanding the  Ukrainian army to attack more fiercely and use terrorist slaughters of civilians, but, if his commanders cannot win the Ukraine civil war quickly he hopes this will give him bargaining chips in the coming negotiations for peace with New Russians, Russia, and the E.U. led by the Germans. If the New Russians show him he cannot win and can lose everything by continuing this state terrorism against them, I think he will grant the local autonomy the New Russians and others are demanding, supported by the Russians and Germany and almost the entire E.U., especially now that the European Parliament elections  have just given a tremendous boost to local autonomy in all of the E.U.

IF the Candy Oligarch President insists of fighting a terrible civil war throughout the Ukraine, the Ukraine will be annihilated very quickly and he will likely hang from a lamp post in Kiev.

IT is obvious that the Ukrainian government and army are run through with pro-Russians, freedom lovers of many ethnic groups, spies and people who loathe the oligarchs and their failed Ukrainian state.

The New Russians have been extremely careful most of the time to treat defeated Ukrainian soldiers and other Ukrainians very kindly. They want to encourage defections and easy surrenders and so far they get them. They want to show they are trying to get along with most Ukrainians and still see them as brothers and sisters.

IF the Candy Oligarch continues to slaughter their families with terrorist air strikes like the U.S. does around the world, they can strike even in Kiev at any time. Horrific bombings are easy to arrange in most of the Ukraine and there have already been some warning ones not intended to kill, but to warn what can happen.

IF the Candy Oligarch doubts this and believes the U.S. can save him, let him look at what has happened in Syria. The U.S. lured the Sunni into this insane cataclysm that is now killing them en masse.

The U.S. Empire is trying to do the same in the  Ukraine, using Ukrainians of all groups as cannon fodder against the Russians to help the  U.S. ignite WWIV against Russia, China and all their allies.

The basic geo-strategy of the rulers of our U.S. Global Empire is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER, the same strategy used by most empires throughout history.

In the vast Muslim World the U.S. has divided most of the states, even its one time allies like Iraq, into religious and political factions fighting fierce civil wars against each other to keep them all weak and impoverished and technologically primitive so that the shared Holy War against the U.S. will be easier for the U.S. to counter. The crucial goal of the U.S. is to  make sure none of the Muslim sides wins, to keep them divided into fiercely warring parties, and to rule them as best the U.S. can. even if ruling them consists of little more than supporting weak rulers who are secretly U.S. puppet dictators.

The U.S. has no friends or real allies. It has only imperial interests. And other nations and groups foolish enough to fall into the U.S. secret imperial trap are only slaves and puppets who do as ordered. Everyone else is a totally disposable enemy or nothing at all, a brutal fact of imperial global rule the U.S. hides with profuse proclamations of friendship and cooperation and morality and caring until the tides of power shift and the U.S. shifts over to the one time enemies as its new “total allies and friends.”

If the Kiev oligarchy falls into this ancient imperial trap the U.S. is using so effectively today around the world, there may be nothing left of the Ukraine but a pile of rubble or miserable masses of slaves, which is true of much of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt. and…