Jim Rogers - Interview with Chris Waltzek: Goldseek Radio

Chris Waltzek from Goldseek radio interviews worldwide money master, Jim Rogers from his home in Singapore. Rogers outlines his plans to increase his precious metals stockpile in the next year or two, as signs of capitulation appear. He says that no nation as deeply indebted as the US has ever successfully extricated itself from the inevitable currency crisis that followed and the related repercussions. Jim recommends contingency plans in preparation for imminent currency controls and bank account bail-ins, to reduce exposure to savings confiscation.

Rogers’ personal market strategy is simple: Most of the time, do nothing. He says most of the time he is waiting; waiting for opportunities, or waiting for them to mature. He cautions investors to be Very Careful, and to hold assets outside of the US banking system.

Rogers also discusses the geopolitical situation and why he is now investing in Russia. He states that if the USG goes to war with Russia, he will be buying gold at $1600 and on up from there.(10 min.)

Source: GoldSeek.com Radio

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