The Russian-Chinese Alliance Has Taken a Great Leap Forward

Russia and China have been building a Global Alliance Of Common Interests for many years. It is commonly called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization because the early, formal meetings about the common interests took place in Shanghai [and Shanghai is a great center of global business in China and of Chinese technocracy which has progressively replaced the Chinese communist regime, in fact more than in name]. But it is clearly a global alliance of great importance in Eurasia, the Middle East, Africa and even in Latin America.

In the last few days Russia and China  have taken a great leap forward in this Global Alliance that will produce great waves of readjustments worldwide.

We still do not know some of the very important details, but it seems clear that the Russians and Chinese will be rapidly building huge gas pipelines from Siberia into China to provide China with vast new, less expensive energy supplies for their rapidly growing industries competing fiercely and very successfully around the world. This has many obvious, immediate implications for the world. It frees Russia of much of the worry that the U.S. might be able to force the E.U. to impose more financial and economic strangulations on Russia. Russia not only has a vast new market for vast new gas fields in Siberia, but the cheaper cost of energy for China in the medium and long term means that the E.U. dare not get locked into high priced U.S. or Middle Eastern liquified natural gas imports to replace gas from Russia’s pipelines through the Ukraine. The E.U. is already uncompetitive with China and other low cost nations in almost every thing but high cost precision and technology products–and Russia and China are moving up stream into those techie markets very fast. [Russia how is putting in service even  remarkable high-tech weapons that seem beyond U.S. capabilities right now, in spite of the immense sums the U.S. spends on tech weapons. The new Russian Su-35 supersonic jet fighter is so advanced and can do such incredible things that Western aviation journalists at the Paris Air Show and others have been calling it the UFO fighter jet, because it can seemingly do some of the things reportedly done by UFO’s.]

But the global, long run implications are vastly more important.

It seems clear that Russia and China are carrying out this vast deal in their own currencies and are shunning the global use of the dollar-denominated energy contracts.

This is a major attack on the dollar cornerstone of the U.S. Global Empire. The U.S. Empire can only exist by printing [or using computer programs to create electronic blips of] trillions of dollars to pay for real goods imported to the U.S.

The Russian-Chinese Alliance’s escape from the dollar, if carried out in general, will lead other major nations to follow them in escaping the dollar theft and that will sink the Empire.

[China is working furious to clean  up its earlier financial mess, greatly exacerbated by the U.S. Great Global Financial Crash, and make its currency tradable on world markets. Russia and China are working on long run plans to create and use hard, global currencies, very likely   backed by gold or a basket of real commodities. That would definitely be the last nail in the sinking coffin of the U.S. Global Currency Tyranny and Empire.]

If the U.S. cannot pour out vast virtual dollars, it cannot ever repay old loans and certainly not new ones, so the U.S. lifeline of borrowing paid for with virtual dollars will be cut as well.

The dollar will plunge, so Americans will be able to buy much less for real goods imported.

Russia and China are already moving steadily to include the vast central Asian energy sources and Asian nations in this Alliance. This leap forward will lead Japan and South Korea to seek even closer relations with both Russia and China. India and Pakistan need cheap gas and will be drawn into closer relations with them.

Iran and its Middle Eastern allies–Iraq, Syria, Hizbollah, et al.–share the same goals and will be drawn more into the Great Alliance.

Saudi Arabia has been the U.S. puppet regime supporting Sunni extremists in their wars against the Iranian Alliance in the Middle East, most obviously in Syria.

But Saudi Arabia sees that the Iranian Alliance is winning and is moving more and more to an accommodation with Iran.

This Russian-Chinese leap forward will pull the Saudis more and more into an understanding with Iran, thence Russia, China, central Asia, et al.

China is already a great economic force in Latin America and Africa. Brazil obviously wants out of the dollar tyranny, as do most Latin nations, and China is a powerful investor and market and exporter, growing ever more so very rapidly.

Russia is the high tech leader in this Great Alliance. China is moving massively to build high tech education and design and production. [China is already producing as many new engineers each year as the whole population of engineers in the U .S.] Russia can offer help in those. Russia is one-sixth of the world’s land and by far the richest nation in natural resources. It has only about 140 million citizens and needs desperately to tap the cheap labor of one and a third billion Chinese and their foreign workers abroad. [amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Yes, like any major nations, they have distrusts from the past and possible conflicts, but their shared interests are overwhelming now and in the foreseeable future. They are both run by technocrats [but VERY cultural and patriotic ones in Russia] and the share a profound hatred of the totally corrupt Evil U.S. Global Empire.

The U.S. Empire’s rapidly growing attempts to contain and cut them down pushes them much closer in their cooperation.

The U.S. is sinking fast and launching insane wars and foreign policies worldwide.

Russia, China and all the major nations working with them need to avoid open wars with the U.S. in its agony of decline and fall. There will be much pretense of  going along with the Empire in public while working more and more closely with the Great Alliance, as we see Germany doing right now.

Russia and China will likely become filled with hubris and power hunger in the future as their powers grow, but they have not been invading and annihilating other nations for decades, as the U.S. has been doing routinely every year, often more than once a year. Hardly a month goes by now without the U.S. Empire rushing into a new war around the world. Yesterday the U.S. rushed forces into the darkest jungles and urban quagmires of central Africa. Last week the U.S. plunged into the Baltic nations with Special Ops and…and sent some high tech weapons to Sunni terrorists in Syria to attack the elected government. [Yes, the elections were “fixed,” but not nearly as much as in the  U.S. at the top where only the Republicrat Party can win by law or by crook.]

The U.S. is obviously suffering imperial paranoid schizophrenia at the top. This is a very dangerous time for mankind because of the immense doomsday arsenal of the U.S. Empire.

The Russians and Chinese are at this time beacons of hope for peace and prosperity around the world.

The U.S. is the dreaded Evil Empire starting wars around the world, murdering by drones, strangling financially and economically, launching cyber attacks like Stuxnet, stealing trillions by  dollar inflation and selling totally corrupted “derivatives products,” overthrowing governments with Black Ops, and on and on.

Putin has obviously realized that the world is sick and tired of all the Big Lies by the U.S. Empire and its Puppet Regimes like the E.U. and the U.N. Putin is going on world tv-news in open, free wheeling interviews in which he tells the truth, even admitting his earlier mistakes frankly, joking with interviewers, praising Russia’s Christian beliefs and traditions, openly rejecting the Big Lies of the U.S. and E.U. and anyone else.

The U.S. Big Corp, Media of the Republicrat Party are almost totally censoring his remarkably honest and in intriguing interviews. The rest of the world is listening and watching intently.

As soon as Putin emerged from the secrecy of the KGB to save Russia from the terrible chaos of its post-implosion year, I said he was obviously a brilliant man and politician who frightened me because he is so superior to the card-board nonentities presented by the Media as    the rulers of the U.S. I felt somewhat relieved that he did not seem to have those powerful, mysterious forces of human appeal we call CHARISMA. I now suspect I simply did not see it because of the Media censorship. Russians saw it and responded in their time of dire need.

Putin is now clearly the one world ruler with great Charisma that is growing rapidly as he gets more experience in the limelight.

I am not a believer in the “greatness” of great  men. I fear them. I feel the vast appeal of Putin to which the world is responding. I hope he can rebuild Russia and help to force the U.S. to become honest and end its terrible Existential threats to mankind. But I also feel the cold hand of fear inside as I watch the absurd mistakes and Lies of the U.S. rulers everyday. I fear we are seeing the rapid growth of a new Peter the Great in Russia, a great reformer and builder with fast appeal to the people, while the U.S. blockheads at the top destroy the U.S. more and more rapidly every day. What will happen if Putin the Great succeeds and the fierce passion of hubris seizes him while the  U.S. and its E.U. Puppets succeed in causing our economies and thence our societies to implode?