How to Shuffle a Deck of Cards: An Illustrated Guide

Rifle the deck halfway with your thumb to create two stacks. Hold one stack in each hand with your thumbs on the top edges and your middle and ring fingers on the bottoms. Pull back the top of the stacks with your thumbs, creating a small bend in middle of the stacks. The thumbs should just move slowly up the top of the cards' edge, releasing the cards to shuffle them. Start off letting the cards shuffle on the table. When you get better, you can do the shuffle without the cards ever touching the table. The cards are now shuffled. Finish with flair with a cascade. Place your thumbs firmly on the top card in the deck where the two stacks overlap. Maintaining pressure with your thumbs, curl your index, middle, and ring fingers around the bottom edge of the two stacks and bend the cards in an arch. Uncurl your fingers and let the cards cascade down.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak

I’m surprised by the number of men who don’t know how to shuffle a deck of cards. But you shouldn’t have to hand the deck to your grandpa for shuffling next time you’re playing gin rummy. Learn how to thoroughly shuffle a deck of cards just like Gramps, with a bit of flair to boot!

Reprinted from The Art of Manliness.

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