My Dear European Friends Have Grave Concerns About Gun Liberty

Los Angeles, CA—I have a deep and unending love for Europe especially, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and of course Switzerland.  The culture, art and elegance of Europe are only matched by their terrific and productive people.

The 18 months I spent in Aschaffenburg, Germany in my youth serving as an Army medical corpsman as part of my compulsory military service was nothing less than pure joy for me.

Many of my European friends don’t understand my position on gun freedom.  Some perhaps think somehow I’m perhaps violent because I own, carry and shoot guns.  For me guns insure that there is less violence at least within my eyesight.   My gun is a tool that serves as deterrence rather than a danger.

As a Chicago cop and as a private investigator my gun has saved many lives including my own.  Criminals for the most part are cowards and they nearly always have ended their assaults, robberies, home invasions and such the second they saw my gun.  I’ve arrested hundreds of criminals for crimes like murder, rape and robbery without violence because I had a gun.

Police are given guns because it has been proven that lives are saved as a result.  If that was not the case they’d all be disarmed.

My European friends must remember their own past to understand the future.  Between 1933-1945 Europe was on fire because of the political ambitions of Fascist and Nazi politicians.  Tens of millions of good people were needlessly killed.   Few families were spared from lost husbands, sons and brothers.  They helplessly watched the destruction of their homes and businesses.  That massive heartbreak and misery today is only a sad memory.

Since the beginning of time the leaders of nations have turned violent against their own populations killing millions.  Politicians are often deadlier that all the criminals in the world.  These are the same politicians that falsely lie to their people promising better public safety through bans on weapons.  Sooner or later every government goes bad.

I shudder as my own presidents Bush and Obama have allowed the tyrannical privacy invasion by our spying as revealed by brave heroes risking all such as Assanage, Snowden and Manning.  Why are we spying on our fellow Americans and European friends without warrants and court orders? We have become a criminal nation that routinely breaks the law!  Why can’t we seem to stop this behavior?

Ambitious politicians like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini could not survive without first spying upon and disarming the honorable people of their nations.  The more dangerous politicians are, the larger the bodyguard army they must maintain.  Armed honorable people are always very dangerous to criminal politicians.

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