Pro-Russian Mayor Shot in the Back

The pro-Russian, anti-Junta mayor of Kharkiv in the E.  Ukraine enraged many people on various sides in the growing Ukraine Civil War. 

But he has been near the top of the Enemies list of the Kiev Junta and the U.S. CIA. 

He was apparently shot by a sniper at long range while jogging outside, so thus far there are no witnesses to his murder. 

But long-range sniper murders is a specialty of the U.S. Black Ops, both official ones of the U.S. and those hired secretly by the U.S. and its murderous puppets around the world. 

The one thing that seems clear is that this and all the Kiev armored attacks and murders of pro-Russian Ukrainians are putting tremendous pressure on the Russian leaders, most obviously on Putin, to send enough help into the E. Ukraine to scare away the U.S.-Kiev forces and restore order. 

If public outrage in Russia finally forces them to do that, I think they will NOT use the U.S. Annihilation of Nations geo-strategy, obvious in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. [amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)]

In the Crimea the Russians never fired a shot to totally envelop the whole region and the Ukrainian forces did not fire back and defected or went home to Kiev. 

(Total Peaceful Envelopment is a strategy of super-blitz envelopment by peaceful means Putin et al.  have developed, a remarkable strategy based on Sun-Tzu’s ancient strategies of “peaceful victory,”)

I think they will use a modified total-envelopment strategy of peaceful forces with great power back-ups that will not be used unless the U.S.-Kiev invaders of E. Ukraine force them to do so by using heavy weapons. 

My guess is the Russians will use sudden air-land envelopment by their special ops which in a few hours will cut off supplies and most communications between the invading forces and Kiev. 

They can simultaneously announce to the U.S.-Kiev forces they are doing this to restore peace, not to kill brother Ukrainians, that they will not fire unless fired upon and will provide safe haven and return home for all peaceful forces or save exile in the E. Ukraine of Russia.

They can announce they will remain only as long as it takes E. Ukrainians to hold elections and build a legitimate oblast and local governments with wide autonomy–or a separate state from Kiev. 

They could thus avoid a guerrilla civil war, restore peace on their border, and reassure Europeans. 

The U.S. would continue to try to strangle Russia, as it is doing to China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Hizbollah, the Palestinians, etc. 

But that is a long run problem for the whole world, the Madness and vast violence of the U.S. Empire in its dying days. 

Russia needs to restore peace  and legitimate government in the E. Ukraine, unless the Kiev forces voluntarily defect, withdraw or continue their Sit-Down Quasi War against the East Ukraine but do not disrupt daily life. 

IF Kiev insists on a huge war, Russia will be forced to seize the East Ukraine up to Kiev, clean out the military Junta, etc. 

I do not expect that.

IF the extremist pro-U.S. forces seize or destroy pipelines to Europe in the Western Ukraine, Russia will be force to deal with that with the minimal forces possible. 

This is obviously a serious danger to the Ukraine, Russia, the E.U. and the global economy. 

This entire Crisis created by the  U.S. as a pretext for starting World War IV Against the billions of people of Russia-China-Korea-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq-Syria-Egypt-Palestine-etcetc. is the result of the dread the  U.S. Empire has over its own disintegration at the fundamental levels, the rapid rise of Russia, China, India, Korea, Iran, Iraq, etc., and the panicky desire of the Empire’s rulers to fight World War IV before the U .S. global financial system implodes. 

I think this U.S. World War IV will produce that implosion very quickly and eliminate the Empire, thus saving mankind from the awful year of a protracted World War IV the U.S. is planking and gearing up for around the world.

(N.B., the so-called “Cold War” was WW III. It was mostly started by the U.S. on the pretext that Stalin and Beria, et al., were trying to conquer the world, which they had no chance of doing. They could have destroyed the world in a showdown with the U.S. but they chose not to fight and imploded from the military costs and distortions. The U.S. is far more insane with Hubris now than Hitler or Stalin ever were. The U.S. might destroy the world and eradicate mankind when it begins imploding. The U.S. has literally gone insane with fear and blinding Hubris, as Stalin did in the Great Terror within Russia which killed tens of  millions of good human beings. Stalin never had global power and the power to destroy the world and mankind, as the U.S. now has many times over.)