On Criticizing Our Dear Leader and Speaking Truth to Power

Readers already know about the Obama Administration’s wars: the war on freedom of speech, the war on political dissent, the war on journalism, and the war on whistleblowers.

And we now have treacherous judges who are willfully defending the government’s censorship of the people, as John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote about recently.

But not only has Obama been cracking down on free speech, he has also been a part of the larger structure of the government-corporate apparatus which benefits the real “1%”.

In my view, “The Powers That Be” consist mainly of the world-wide government bureaucrats and their respective corporate parasites. Besides Obama, TPTB seem to be getting very agitated by various truth-tellers and critics of the Regime.

And thanks in large part to Obama’s dictatorial abuse of governmental powers, the U.S. has dropped to #46 in world press freedoms. “America” is hardly recognizable now as the “bastion of freedom” it once was.

Besides the sycophantic and propagandistic news media and journalists, the entertainment industry is also plagued with government infiltration and censorship. Hollywood’s propagandizing on behalf of Obama’s reelection and excusing torture with Zero Dark Thirty was one example, and the Obama Administration’s openly teaming up with Hollywood to promote ObamaCare is another.

But Jay Leno’s termination from NBC may have been an even more blatant example of elitists’ punishment for criticizing the Regime.

Despite continually high ratings, Jay Leno’s many years as Tonight Show host was ended by NBC. Some people actually believe that his being canned was to do with his stinging criticisms and mocking of President Barack Obama in this past year.

Infowars, suggesting recently that Obama is attempting to seize control of the entertainment industry, provided several video excerpts as examples of Leno’s Obama jokes which could have provoked a possibly overly sensitive President.

Besides those videos on Infowars, here is another excerpt of Jay Leno telling jokes mocking the Obama Administration:

Even Johnny Carson’s longtime head writer, Raymond Siller, weighs in on the controversy, apparently agreeing with the view that Obama or his close minions directed Leno’s heave-ho, stating that, “With his pen and phone, our selfie-absorbed president is one whacked uncle away from appointing himself Supreme Leader.” Siller also speculated that other late-night comedians are soft on Obama out of fear of being called a racist.

Well, I guess the late-night comedians really have curbed their Obama jokes, but it’s probably not as much to do with fearing the “racist” label as with being unthinking, obedient leftist sheeple.

I searched online for possible David Letterman Obama jokes and couldn’t find any. Is Letterman even on TV anymore? Oh wait, I did find this one recent joke about Obama’s Syria “red line” remark. It’s not particularly critical of Obama, just typical Letterman goofy.

But why are times different now than they were, say, 30 years ago? From what I can remember, Johnny Carson made jokes about Ronald Reagan all the time. In fact, here is Carson joking about his joking about Ronald Reagan:

But Carson didn’t seem to get the pink slip over it.

And during the 1970s, comedian Rich Little made fun of, impersonated and mocked Richard Nixon, on the Tonight ShowDean Martin Celebrity Roasts, even Hollywood Squares. Nothing particularly controversial there. No firing, no blacklisting, etc. (Although it is true that Nixon had an “enemies list,” but Rich Little wasn’t on it.)

And Lenny Bruce was arrested several times for violating “obscenity” laws, and was banned from several venues. Unlike Rich Little and Lenny Bruce, however, it may have been Jay Leno’s popularity nation-wide and his influence with the younger crowd in which his stinging criticisms may have troubled the Dear Leader.

But there may be more to this than just a possible Obama influence in the firing of Jay Leno, on the corporate side. NBC, which had been employing Leno for may years, is now fully owned by Comcast, as of March, 2013.

Apparently, Comcast employees and Comcast Corp PACs contributed over $300,000 to the Obama for President 2012 campaign, according to Infowars and OpenSecrets.org. But that could be the case with most big corporations. (Wait, it might be more than that.)

Also according to OpenSecrets.org, “86 out of 107 Comcast Corp lobbyists in 2013 have previously held government jobs.” Talk about a revolving door. And NBC itself does have a history of acting as shills for the Obama agenda.

Now, I don’t know if NBC’s terminating of Jay Leno was a direct influence by Obama who doesn’t like being criticized by a popular celebrity, or a move by corporate honchos acting as Obama flunkies. It may have been just another stupid TV exec decision. (TV execs make a lot of stupid decisions, you know.)

And no, it’s not just a “liberal” thing, as was shown by Fox News’ treatment of Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck.

But here is another example of possible corporate media State-servility. If you’re a late night person or an early morning person (I happen to get up very early myself), then chances are you probably have heard of Coast to Coast on the radio. If you are a regular listener, then you might have noticed that the program’s weekend host, John B. Wells, has not been on the air for a while.

Apparently, Wells was fired from Coast to Coast, despite very high ratings, even higher ratings than its weeknight host George Noory, according to Common Sense Show host Dave Hodges.

Wells has the distinctively deep voice and, as a Coast to Coast host, Wells has interviewed NSA whistleblower William Binney, health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, political strategist Roger Stone, and the late Rolling Stone investigative journalist Michael Hastings, among others.

The Wells firing by Coast to Coast came just two months after Wells appeared with Alex Jones at a big JFK assassination anniversary protest in Dallas.

To remind everyone how tolerant the Rulers are of political dissent, Dallas officials threatened to shut down protests and attempted to suppress the free speech rights of those who dissent — those who don’t believe the Regime-approved official story of the Oswald “lone gunman” theory.

Now, after all the informationtestimony and thorough analyses that have been available for 50 years, how can anyone really believe the Warren Commission’s report? Of course challengers of the official narrative have a right to express their views!

So could Wells’s appearance at the Dallas event really have caused that much concern for Coast to Coast producers, its distributor Premier Networks, or Premier’s owner Clear Channel? Who knows? Maybe not. Hodges did assert that Clear Channel has a history of “censorship,” however.

But the fact is, a high ratings-getter was taken off the air for apparently no good reason.

You see, when people go against the Regime, question the Regime’s official judgments, or criticize the Regime’s puppets, it’s bye-bye to them.

So, with Jay Leno, Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck and John B. Wells, I’m really not sure what to make of corporations who are willing to lose their profits either because of bad executive decision-making, or for the sake of helping to propagandize the Rulers’ power grabs and stifling of dissent.

Capitalism in America used to involve privately owned industries making it a number one priority to serve the consumers. Coinciding with that was the freedom to earn a profit as well as a basic living providing such service. Perhaps Ayn Rand referred to the rational self-interest of traders, but the whole thing, to me, is just common sense.

But when the businessperson sacrifices one’s own self-interest, and not even to genuinely help others but to serve the interests of government bureaucrats, power-grabbers, and parasitic misfits, then such behavior is thoroughly irrational, self-destructive, and further contributes to the eventual break-down of society, in my view.