Breaking Out the Top Five Best-Selling Guns by Category

GunBroker has published a list of the top five best-selling firearms in every category from pump-action shotguns to semi-automatic rifles to revolvers. Is your favorite gun on the list? Let’s check it out. First up, let’s get to the classics.

Over-under shotguns

5. Mossberg Silver Reserve

mossberg silver reserve

As seen in the Shooting Times.

4. Beretta 686

beretta 686

As seen on the Beretta Facebook page.

3. Winchester 101

winchester 101

As seen on, I’m not sure what.

2. Ruger Red Label

ruger red label

As seen here on

1. Browning Citori

Browning Citori

As seen at ICollector.

This line-up is totally understandable. The Browning Citori has been one of the easiest-to-recommend over-unders since hitting the market. It combines quality and elegance with affordability and it comes in a lot of different variants which bump up its sales. You’re not going to see the great names in over-unders on any best-selling list because they carry a price in-line with their luxury status.

It’s also clear that Ruger did right by bringing back the Red Label. The updates they made to the design are certainly boosting sales, too.

Lever-action rifles

5. Marlin 1894

marlin 1894

As seen in “The Good, the bad and the Weird”

4. Marlin 1895

marlin 1895

As seen in “Firefly.” 

3. Winchester 1894


As seen in the original “True Grit.” Is it OK to say you liked the new one better?

2. Marlin 336

marlin 336

As seen in “My Name is Bruce.”

1. Winchester 94

winchester 94

As seen in “Thank You for Smoking.”

These are all probably neck-and-neck with each other. It’s hard to imagine that any one of these classics is going to lead the pack by any significant margin when it comes to sales. That being said, the Winchester 94 probably comes in first more often than not.

A new-manufacture Model 1894, the Model 94 is approachable and still carries the legacy of John Browning’s most famous rifle design.

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