What's Ahead in Russia-Ukraine?

So far, it looks like some of the EU members are secretly refusing to go along with the U.S. plan to vastly build up the coup-state of The New Ukraine.

Some, like Greece, apparently feel it would be better for the E.U. to send money to E.U. debtors than Ukrainian ones preparing for war with Russia. [The E.U. needs all 28 members on board for major movies like serious sanctions, so it looks impossible, in spite of the muttering and sputtering.]

Even the U.S. so far has done nothing to protect its “sacred line drawn in the sand” against Putin than steal some assets and visas from a few Russian officials.

The only official aid the U.S. has given the coup masters so far is about a billion dollars in more loans to pay the  thirty billion or so they cannot pay  now–and that new billion in loans may go to Russia to pay the unpaid gas bills.

The E.U. drag on the U.S. may save us from another insane invasion and ghastly lost war after ten or fifteen years of horrific casualties and costs for everyone but profiteers.

Of course, the Crimean epiphany exploding among Russians everywhere is leading to far more demand and actions to “free” Donetsk and all of the Russian Ukraine.[amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)]

And RT News is showing over and over again the Ukrainian extremists calling for nuclear war against Russia, blowing up the gas lines to the E.U., etc., which are obviously potential rallying cries for more “Saving Mother Russia.”

I do think this is only the first act in a much bigger historic drama, but Putin has always been a very cautious strategist except when the situation is so extreme that he has to act very forcefully and quickly. He has been allowing this counter-revolution against the Ukrainian revolutionaries to develop for many weeks. He is still waiting, secretly encouraging the counter-revolution, and assessing the situation that is emerging faster and faster.

IF the U.S. and E.U. cannot reign in the extremists among the coup masters, Russia will feel it has no choice but to reabsorb its old state of the Ukraine entirely, which would pose the danger of guerrilla wars in the Western  half, though they would not be bad like that in the mountains of Muslim Chechnya. The extremists would likely be allowed freely to flee to the E.U., which would desperately try to duck the honor.

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