Vegas Homeland Security Theater Operation Ends its Run

Homeland Security Theater productions follow a rigid formula. A suitably unpleasant and easily manipulated person is identified by undercover operatives, carefully cultivated as a “villain,” then lured into saying something stupid into a recorder. Or quietly assenting to some outlandish plot concocted by a “terrorism facilitator” (yes, that is what the Regime calls its hired provocateurs).

At a suitable time, the agency that scripted the “plot” will arrest the person it has snared in it, along with anybody else who happened to get caught in the undertow. Regime-aligned media outlets will dutifully regurgitate officially approved talking points describing the dire and deadly plot that was foiled by the government’s bold and valiant security operatives. The chastened and unworthy public will be lectured about the need for unending vigilance and the duty of citizens to prostrate themselves with gratitude before the gallant defenders of the public weal, oh may they be held in eternal reverence.

Some of these cynical little melodramas come complete with a show trial. Others end with the confected cases being quietly dismissed. The so-called “Sovereign Citizen” police kidnapping plot in Las Vegas has followed the latter course: Late last summer, headlines trumpeted the arrest of a dangerous man who sought to abduct and murder police; yesterday (February 3) the public was informed that this figure of singular menace has accepted a plea deal under which he will serve roughly one year in jail.[amazon asin=0979985900&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Last August, the Las Vegas Metro Police arrested David Allen Brutsche, an ex-convict and registered sex offender, on charges of plotting to kidnap police officers, murder them, and dispose of their bodies in the desert. His “co-conspirator” was a 68-year-old paralegal named Devon Newman, whose sole involvement in the affair consisted of being in the same room with Brutsche and several undercover operatives from the Metro Police’s Intelligence Unit when details of the government-orchestrated “plot” were discussed.

Brutsche describes himself as a believer in “Sovereign Citizen” concepts, but denies involvement in any organized movement. His only connection to the “movement” came after police – seeking a suitable star for their agitprop production – arrested him in April for selling water on the Strip. Brutsche had been involved in several previous police encounters, during which he expressed a predictable (and entirely reasonable) resentment toward the State’s costumed emissaries of officially sanctioned violence.

Metro officials, who reciprocated Brutsche’s hostility, put him in a cell with Scott R. Majewski. Although he posed as a fellow ex-con, Majewski is actually an intelligence operative who is paid nearly $120,000 a year to keep political dissidents under surveillance and choreograph what he describes as “theater” operations targeting them.[amazon asin=B001EEIYVI&template=*lrc ad (right)]

After Brutsche was released from jail, Majewski offered to introduce him to others who shared “Sovereign” views – all of whom were police operatives as well. At some point, the group was expanded to include a 67-year-old woman named Newman, who was brought into this mess to be a “co-conspirator” who had no connection to the police force.

The script written by Majewski called for police to be kidnapped and put on “trial” for crimes against the public, after which they would be executed. Last August 20, an unnamed police operative summoned Brutsche and Newman and insisted that the time had come to go “operational.” Within a few hours the patsies had been arrested, and the Metro PD’s propaganda office, by way of complaisant news outlets, was hailing this supposed accomplishment. One entirely typical news account struck from Metro’s propaganda template claimed that “Undercover Metro officers infiltrated the group … [and learned] of their detailed plans to `snatch and grab’ random police officers, try them for treason in a `sovereign’ court and execute them….”

There was no “group” apart from the Metro officers themselves, and there was no “plot” of any kind.

Less than a month after the arrests, all of the murder conspiracy charges were quietly dropped for lack of evidence. In December, Newman pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge. Yesterday, following a decent interval, the entire case was brought to an end with a deal in which Brutsche pleaded guilty to a federal kidnapping conspiracy charge. With time already served, Brutsche could be released from jail in August.[amazon asin=1881919056&template=*lrc ad (right)]

“I do plead guilty,” Brutsche said during yesterday’s hearing. “I wanted to say something. It seemed like entrapment to me.”

Of course it was entrapment, carried out as part of an exercise in large-scale public deception by a police department whose officers routinely murder innocent people on the streets and face no accountability.

In the weeks immediately preceding the arrest of Brutsche and Newman, six members of the Clark County Use of Force Board resigned to protest Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s refusal to fire Officer Jacquar Roston, who had shot and seriously wounded an innocent man the previous November. The board had unanimously recommended that Roston be fired – but Gillespie insisted that a week-long suspension was sufficient “punishment” for Roston’s act of attempted murder.

Stung by overdue media scrutiny of a rigged “inquest” system that always validated police shootings, Gillespie had promised serious reforms – while retaining the authority to do the bidding of police unions, which dictated that no officer would ever face serious consequences for unlawfully shooting a Mundane.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center and similar left-wing “watchdog” groups, “Sovereign Citizens” are violent people whose lawless behavior threatens the public. Taking refuge in obscure and incomprehensible language and implausible claims of immunity, such people believe that they can steal and kill with impunity. That description is disputable when applied to “Sovereign Citizens,” but a perfect fit for the people who just brought down the curtain on the Metro PD’s recent Homeland Security Theater performance.