My Government Course for the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

This is the second course I’ve created for the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. (The first was Western Civilization I, from antiquity to 1492.) This one is a half-year course, so only 90 lessons instead of the usual 180. It’ll be available in a couple weeks.

I’ve been asked if my courses will be available a la carte, apart from the Ron Paul Curriculum. Yes. By later this year I’ll have a site where all of them will be available separately, although — and this is my contractual deal with them — you get a substantial discount if you get them through the RPC.

My next courses will be Western Civilization II and American Constitutionalism (yes, we’ll discuss Spooner).

Thomas Woods


Lecture 1: Introduction The School Revolution:... Paul, Ron Best Price: $1.56 Buy New $8.99 (as of 01:35 EST - Details)

Government and a Free Society: Theory

Lecture 2: Natural Rights Theories, I (High Middle Ages to Late Scholastics)
Lecture 3: Natural Rights Theories, II (Locke)
Lecture 4: Natural Rights Theories, III (more recent theories)
Lecture 5: Week 1 Review


Lecture 6: Locke, Brownson and Spooner on Consent
Lecture 7: Nozick, The Tale of the Slave
Lecture 8: Human rights and property rights
Lecture 9: Negative rights and positive rights
Lecture 10: Week 2 Review


Lecture 11: John Rawls
Lecture 12: Critics of Liberalism I
Lecture 13: Critics of Liberalism II
Lecture 14: Critics of Liberalism II
Lecture 15: Week 3 Review

How the Catholic Churc... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $8.00 Buy New $9.06 (as of 05:30 EST - Details)


Some Rationales for Government Action

Lecture 16: Public Goods
Lecture 17: The Standard of Living
Lecture 18: Poverty
Lecture 19: Monopoly
Lecture 20: Week 4 Review


Lecture 21: Science
Lecture 22: Inequality
Lecture 23: Development Aid
Lecture 24: Discrimination
Lecture 25: Week 5 Review


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Meltdown: A Free-Marke... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $0.25 Buy New $20.00 (as of 02:20 EST - Details)

CHURCH & THE MARKET (S... Woods Jr., Thomas E. Best Price: $6.04 Buy New $101.04 (as of 04:20 EST - Details)

Nullification: How to ... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $2.00 Buy New $8.34 (as of 05:25 EST - Details)

Rollback: Repealing Bi... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $1.28 Buy New $10.01 (as of 05:25 EST - Details)

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